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Eyebrow Coloring 101

An often overlooked---but essential---makeup step.

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, and we agree! And well-defined eyebrows are the perfect frame for those beautiful windows.

Anne and Anna K demonstrate how to accentuate your eyebrows for a natural and finished look. Once you see how simple it really is you will feel at ease and comfortable in bringing out the natural shape and beauty of your eyebrows. You’ll see why we love this brow powder and how to get a perfect match, and why this two-in-one brush is the only one you need.

Eyebrows – Quick, Easy, and Natural:

  • (3:22) Where to start and where to end to create a natural shape.
  • (5:00) Why you should start with the powder here.
  • (7:05) Anna K’s trick for easy cleanup and finish.
  • (8:36) This product is like hairspray for your brows and will keep your color in place all day.

Easily find the eyebrow powder that’s correct for you.

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More tips for beautiful brows:

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