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A Simplified Process to Determine Your Secondary as a Type 2 – #EnergyProfilingWithCarol

Need help determining your secondary if you are a Type 2 soft, subtle woman?

As a Type 2 woman, are you questioning and doubting yourself as you try to decide your secondary?

On today’s episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, my Type 2 guests will help you know for sure what your secondary energy is. My first guest knows her secondary and she will share her tips on how she knew for sure. My second guest does not know and I will help her know for sure, which is sure to help you!

Here’s a quick list of what we covered in today’s show:

(7:00) – Most people have no idea how the energy from their birth is affecting their lives today. I just updated the Birth Clearing Session in The Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center with 14 new Add-On Scripts to cover every birth variable. I encourage you to become a member today so you can finally clear what’s keeping you stuck.

(9:50) – My first guest, Krista, is a Type 2/4. Listen to how she trusted her emotional response when she went through the Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide. She also found comfort when she saw her own Energy Type in the Line-Up of All 12 Energy Type Combos.

(23:37) – Have you seen the new Lifestyle video, Which Variety of Type 2 Energy Are You? I share a clip from this video about how each of the Type 2 Experts would handle a (possibly) uncomfortable situation at a restaurant. How would you handle it?

(28:00) – Meet Jessica, my second guest, who’s still determining her secondary Energy Type. Listen to the process we go through together, first eliminating the obvious, then looking at different details about her style preferences and hair.

(42:20) – We close the show by sharing a success story from our Lifestyle community and taking Q&A from the live viewers.

How did this episode help you determine your secondary energy? I’d love to hear your “aha” story!

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