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How to Use Dye to Achieve Just the Right Color

Have clothes you love but the color isn’t correct for you?

DIY Expert, Michelle, demonstrates how to dye the clothes you love in order to personalize them to fit your unique Type of beauty.

Before you begin you’ll need the following items:

  • Your garment of choice, washed and slightly damp.
  • Large pot (one you don’t need to use for cooking)
  • Medium sized bowl (that you don’t use for cooking)
  • Apron
  • Tongs
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rit Dye (links below)
  • Salt

Step 1: Put on your gloves and fill the pot with hot water. Place pot on the stove.


Step 2: Over the sink, combine your dye mix into a small jar.


Step 3: Add your jar of dye to the pot of hot water.


Step 4: Add 1 c. salt per 1 lb. of fabric you’re dyeing.

Use your tongs to mix the salt and dye into the water. This can take 5 – 10 minutes. It’s really important that everything is dissolved before you put your garment in.

Step 5: Add your garment to the pot and submerge it into the dye with your tongs.


Step 6: Stir the pot on the stove on low until the garment is just a bit darker than the color you want.


Step 7: Lift the garment with tongs and place it into the bowl.


Step 8: Take the bowl to the sink and use warm water to rinse the garment.

Rinse and squeeze the garment out in the bowl as you fill and dump out the water in the bowl continually. Switch to cold water and you’ll know you’re done rinsing when the water runs clear.

Enjoy your final product!


Watch Michelle walk-through the whole process:


Rit Liquid Dye,Cocoa

Rit Liquid Dye, Tan

Rit Liquid Dye, Pearl Grey

Rit Powder Dye, Pearl Grey

iDye Poly, Silver Grey

iDye Poly, Brown


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