Would You’ve Made This Same Mistake? Why Heather Mis-Typed Herself

Am I a Type 3 if I'm "Bossy"? Heather's Confirm Your Type.

“But, I can’t have what I want.”

Are you one of the many women holding themselves back with the limiting belief of “can’t have what I want”?

Meet Heather, a dynamic Type 3 woman who mistyped herself. Find out how this limiting belief kept her from seeing the truth about who she really is. She mis-Typed herself by getting stuck in her limiting beliefs, and not using Face Profiling as her primary assessment tool.

Join me for this in-person #TruthBomb as I use the tools and processes that I teach in my book It’s Just My Nature, to help her see her true self. If you’re like Heather and feeling confused about your Type this will help you too! Plus, you’ll be amazed at her transformation. Watch at 8:55 for the big reveal!

I know you’ll enjoy watching this live and in-person #TruthBomb complete with a Before & After!

Here are the highlights:

  • (2:30) See how Heather reacts to her #TruthBomb.
  • (3:09) Why her push-forward was being mislabeled as “bossy”
  • (4:25) How I used Face Profiling to help her see her truth.
  • (8:55) Her “After” reveal! You’ll hardly recognize her!
  • (9:16) What held her back and why it’s so important to listen to your own inner voice.
  • (12:33) Hear what she would have done differently, and how her new personal style has set her free!

Did you mis-Type yourself? What helped you see your truth?

Go for it! Start Dressing Your Truth so that you can feel beautiful and amazing, living the truth of who you really are! Start with my free Beginner’s Guide.

Enjoy more Before & After makeovers:

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