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What is Facial Profiling? How Your Face Reveals Your Personality

Want to know more about yourself? Look in the mirror.

Can your face tell you more about who you are as a person? It can, and it does!

Facial profiling is the most accurate assessment tool in my Energy Profiling system. Your personality can change based on your surroundings and environment. But faces don’t change—they always express one of 4 dominant movements.

You might be wondering, “What is facial profiling?” It’s looking at the lines, shapes, and movement in a face to see which of the 4 Energy Types is dominantly expressing.

Let’s look at each of the 4 Energy Types and the quality of expression in each face:

(3:07) – Type 1 energy expresses as upward, light, fresh, animated movement. You want to look for stars, circles, and heart shapes.

(4:40) – Type 2 energy expresses as downward, soft, cascading, blended movement. You want to look for s-curves, relaxed features, and a melting effect.

(5:40) – Type 3 energy expresses as dynamic, intense, substantial movement. You want to look for deep angles, swift lines, and texture.

(6:48) – Type 4 energy expresses as linear, structured, symmetrical movement. You want to look for straight lines, mirroring effect, and defined features.

What does your face say about who you are?

Type 1: You have a bright energy and are optimistic by nature.

Type 2: You have a soft energy and are gentle and calming by nature.

Type 3: You have an intense energy and are determined by nature.

Type 4: You have a poised energy and are reflective and precise by nature.

(9:07) – Make sure you watch these videos on Face Profiling:

(9:40) – Want a guided opportunity to learn about Facial Profiling? Join Lifestyle! Each month I host “TruthBomb Confirmations” sessions in our private Facebook group. I personally profile a select number of women to help members with real-time instruction on how to become more confident in their facial profile skills!

Your face reveals the truth of who you are.

Now it’s time to start Dressing Your Truth. When a woman is dressing her truth, we get to see the true beauty of who she is—and I want the same for you!

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