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How to Interpret Energy Profiling Information Correctly. Tiffany’s Before & After

My intention is that you’ll be able to see your Energy Type the same way I can.

So I do these Confirm Your Type videos to show you my process and how I reach my conclusions.

Meet Tiffany. She had her Energy Type narrowed down to two options.

But she’s not either of those Types!

I’m excited to educate you in this CYT session about what I see in Tiffany and how I knew she was a Type 4 woman.

Plus, pay attention to her stunning “after” at 7:41 and notice how much more at ease she is with herself. When we honor our true nature, it continues to show up to support us.

Are you still determining your Energy Type? Check out my new and improved (and free!) Energy Profiling course.

How did you receive confirmation about your Energy Type? Share it in the comments!


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