Type 4 Eating Tendencies That Cause You to Gain Weight

The "all-or-nothing" eater - do you have this habit?

Type 4’s, do you relate to the label, all-or-nothing eater?

As we talk about what this means, you may realize it’s a pattern you have that could be sabotaging you from creating a healthy, balanced weight.

Your nature feeds into every area of your life, so your movement as a Type 4 influences your eating tendencies as well. As a Type 4, you have more of a linear, precise, and structured natural movement. You have an intellectual connection to the world, and you love to be your own authority.

Let’s talk about how your Type 4 tendencies are related to your eating habits!

(1:23) – I share what “all-or-nothing” looks like in the world of a Type 4 and how this extreme plays out with your food. (Plus, I do a fun little experiment with my decor to show you what I mean!)

(4:10) – Tip #1: Be Your Own Authority. Why this is more important than ever as we wake up to our intuition.

(5:40) – Tip #2: Repetition. When you find what works, repeat it and create a lifestyle out of it.

(6:49) – Tip #3: Praise Yourself. You’re great at self-criticism already—how about switching that to recognition?

(7:11) – My Type 4 son Mark chimes in with his eating tendencies and what’s been helping him find balance, listen to his body, and become his own authority.

Ready to heal your issue with food and weight gain?

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As a Type 4, you will love how this healing plan clears the baggage and frees you up to become your own authority.

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