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What Type of Husband Do You Have? Watch These 8 Men Get Profiled

Find out what his facial features say about who he is

What does your husband’s face say about his personality?

Do you know your partner’s Energy Type? Today’s episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol is all about “speed profiling” the men in your life! I’m joined by 8 of our Lifestyle members as they share pictures of their husbands and we figure out their Energy Types together.

But there will be some surprises along the way! Do all the women have their own Energy Types correct?

  • First meet Colleen & Josh. He thinks he’s a Type 2 or a Type 4, but she thinks he’s a Type 1. Who’s right?
  • Rebekah and her husband believes he’s a Type 4 because he’s his own authority. Is that enough of a clue?
  • Before I Type her husband, Anne thinks she’s a Type 2—but I reveal her true Energy Type on the air.
  • Erin & I agree: her husband could almost go either way—Type 2 or Type 4. Listen to my “paper doll” tip about how I figure it out.
  • Aubrey & her husband find out they are both the same Type! Is this common for their Energy Type, or rare?
  • Danusha’s husband Armando is a nurturing, gentle giant with an inward personality. She thinks he’s a Type 2. Did she get it right?
  • Amiyrah & Brandon find out that he’s the same Energy Type as Denzel Washington. (Do you know which one that is?)
  • Daria and I have met before, but now the time is correct to give her feedback on her own Type. Do you see how her facial features reveal her true Type of beauty?

What “aha” did you have watching today? Leave a comment below and share your takeaway from this show!

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