My Super Simple Concealer Hack for a 30-Second Facelift!

Want to turn back the clock in just 30 Seconds? Try my super simple concealer hack, and trust me, it works wonders!

Have you got tired, sagging skin around your outer eye? Deep smile lines, and “jowls” along your jawline?

This final step in your makeup routine conceals and camouflages these areas. Giving you a 30-second “facelift”. And you’ll only need two products: Concealing Cream and the Buffer Foundation Brush.

Concealing Cream comes in the same perfect-match colors as all our foundations. 

Don’t know your color? You’ll find the “Foundation Matching” tab in the product descriptions of each foundation product. This gives you all the details you need to find your correct match. (I added one of the images here to get you started.)

You can also get more tips and help on choosing the right color with 2 Easy Steps to Pick the Correct Foundation When Buying Online

2 Steps to a 30-Second Facelift

  1. (00:50) Just a quick dab and swipe of Concealing Cream in each of these areas gets you started.
  2. (1:16) Now tap, tap with the Buffer Foundation Brush, and you’re done!

And voilà! Like magic, your lines vanish!

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Get your Concealing Cream & Buffer Brush today!

Here are more easy makeup tips for foundation and concealer:

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