Blush Basics and Highlighter Hints: Where and How to Use Each

Use this two-finger trick to make sure you're putting your blush in the right spot.

You’ve been told to “put your blush on the apples of your cheeks”, but did you know there’s a better way?

Anna K gives you her pro tips so that you know where, how, and when to use your blush (and highlighter) using the correct tools and techniques.

Let’s get cheeky!

Where (0:28): On your cheekbones, but do you know how to find them?

How (2:01): Using the Duo Blush Brush with this motion.

When: Every day you want to have a healthy glow!

Bouns! (4:20) Get that sunny glow with these extra highlighter hints! (Yes, Type 2’s and Type 4’s have a highlighter too!)

You’ve got the correct techniques to have a fresh and flush look, now get the tool and products to make it happen!

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Video Transcript:

Today, we’re going to get cheeky monkey, and I’m going to show you all about where placement of blush should be, how to use your blush, how to use some fantastic tools to make your blush fantastic-o. ♪ [music] ♪ The first thing that I want to talk to you about is placement of blush. I think a lot of times people just get right into it and they just throw it on their face and they think they’ve got color on, they’re ready to go.

Well, what I want to show you is, first of all, is how to find your cheekbone. You would think that that’s an easy thing, but with all the highlighters, and contouring, and blush, it can get a little bit confusing. So I’m just going to show you really quick how to find your cheekbone and then where, once you have found it, to place it. Got this two-finger thing, I’m going to show you. It’s really cool. You take your thumb and you put it right above your ear and then you take your finger and put it right underneath the middle part of your nose and lay your finger down.

That’s where your cheekbone is. So you have this line right here. So that’s where you’re going to want to put the blush on that bone. So not down here and not up here and not just right here. Now, I know a lot of times, you’ll hear people say, “Well smile, so I can find the apples of your cheeks.” And definitely smile, we should find the apples of your cheeks, but don’t ever smile and put the product on the apple of your cheek while you’re smiling.

Because what happens is, is you’re smiling like this, you put the product here and then you don’t smile and what happens to the product, it falls down. So you want to keep that blush up and off your face. So another really fun trick that I want to show you is if you just take your fingers and you go right here and you line it up right here, that’s where your blush should never be.

So you’re going to want to concentrate your blush from here, onto that cheekbone and up to your ear. And it can go… I mean, I’ve seen people have like race lines all the way up. You’re really just going to want to blend. So I’m just going to get right into the brush. You know, we have this Duo Brush. It’s awesome because you can do highlighter and you can do your blush.

And it’s very light. It’s very fluffy. It’s very nice. You’ll love how it feels on your skin. Now I’m going to go ahead and use this color right here. It’s a little bit darker. And I’m not going to go too crazy.

I’m just going to show. Okay. I know where that is. Okay. I know where that is. So I’m just going to do a little bit of rounding and then up. Now you can see it’s got a little bit of a line, but don’t worry.

You can take off some of the product, brush it on the back of your hand. And I like to go down and then back up. And that is the perfect placement of where blush should be. And you saw how quick and easy that was. Once you know where to put it, bam, bam. It’s easy, it’s quick, and very, very simple. Now, with this side of the brush, it’s much more domed on the top, and this is where your highlighter’s going to go.

So I’ve got this Golden Glow here, the Type 1s and 3s, get the Golden Glow. I’m going to show you this color for the 4s and 2s, this one right here. It’s awesome because it has this really nice, cool undertone to it and it’s beautiful, gorgeous. And then you can see, for the Type 1s and 3s, it’s a little bit brighter. It’s got a little bit of warm to it.

So you’re just going to dust the brush of the dome part of your brush with it. Now, I like to take it and do this like so I kind of roll thing just on my hand so I can see about how much is going on. Now, you can get totally carried away with a highlighter and it falls all over the place, so you’re really going to want to have quite a bit of control over it.

And I always go super, super light, and then if I want to add some more, I can. So I like to just kind of take a little bit off, gives me a little more control, and I just add just like that. And that’s it. And then I just take the other side and I kind of blend it a little bit so you don’t get two divided lines. You’re really going to want to have a nice, good blended look to it. And then you can see what blush does from one side of the face to the other.

It just makes you look flushed and really fresh, gives you a bit of a younger vibe. It’s really fun and really great. So you should never ever finish your makeup look without your blush. Make sure you get your blush on. Get your blush on because it’s really great in all the ways. Now, if I have a little bit leftover on my highlighter, sometimes I like to just hit areas where the sun would naturally hit.

And that’s what a highlighter is, you’re enhancing those areas where the sun would naturally, already be. So sometimes right here, right here. I love this part. Just a little bit though. So at the very, very end, I’ll just kind o f brush the top part of the bow of my lip and that’s it. I’m going to do the other side really quick.

So you can see again. So, again, to fix this, to find out where that is, the thumb goes up here, the finger goes down here, it lays right there. I’m going to want to take it over right about it here. Kind of rosy cheek up, up, up, and then I blend down, down, down. It’s really the only time…

Is this a true story? Maybe. I don’t usually brush down, but when I do do my cheeks, I do like just to kind of get that line because if I tend to go up, I get all that color and it just tends to go straight up into the ear. I feel like if I go down just a little bit, I have a little bit more control. And, again, just tap, tap, tap, tap, little bit of highlighter.

Blend, blend, blend. Tada. And now I’m as cheeky as ever. So make sure you pick up your duo compact, which has both the highlighter and the blush in it. Super fantastic and it makes it so easy when it’s in this duo. It’s a quick grab and go. And then also the Duo Brush, really can’t live without this.

It gives both those looks. Really, really fantastic and really does help with the blending. I do like to blend with the dome one a little bit too. It’s super fun. I mean, two in one, it doesn’t get better than that.

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