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How to Go Gray: A Step-By-Step Guide with Michelle

You can transition to gray hair in a way that feels comfortable to you

Thinking of going gray—but unsure of what that process will look like?

Depending on which of the 4 Types of beauty you express, this process may look different for you than for someone else. Do you jump into it without much planning, or do you gradually ease into it, slowly blending in the gray?

On this episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, I’m joined by Type 2 Expert Michelle. She’s been on my show before talking about why she wants to go gray. Now, she’s back to share her step-by-step process—and the emotions she had to face along the way!

Transitioning to going gray is a big decision for you.

Maybe you hate having to dye your roots and put chemicals on your head every few weeks.

Maybe you feel afraid to show your true hair color.

Maybe you’re afraid of looking older—especially if your husband isn’t going gray yet!

Maybe you’re afraid of being noticed…

You don’t have to hide anymore. You’re ready to embrace your authentic, gray hair.

You want to use your hair as a self-expression of who you are and by using a purple shampoo, you can make sure your gray hair always showcases a beautiful tone!

Watch the full recording for details on Michelle’s journey of going gray and how you can find the answers you need to make this big step for yourself!

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Here are extra resources to help you go gray and love your look:

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