What’s Your Money Type? (And Is It the Same As Your Energy Type?)

How to flow and accumulate more money when you know your Type!

Want to stop feeling at odds with money? Want to start having an easy, flowing experience with it instead?

That’s what money wants for you too!

You’ve already heard about Energy Types in my Energy Profiling system. But do you know about your Money Type?

In Energy Profiling, our dominant Type influences our tendencies with everything we experience in the world. And since money is a neutral energy that responds to us, when we are in alignment with our true energy, money begins to work with us instead of against us! If you’re not living true to it, you’re blocking the flow of money.

Let me introduce you to what each of the 4 Types is in reference to a Money Type. You’ll get a quick hit of whether you’re living true to your Money Type or not!

What’s Your Money Type?

Type 1 Money Type: The Free Flow-er

Type 1 energy is upward, light, buoyant, random, playful, youthful, with a connect/disconnect movement.

If you are a Type 1 person living true to your Type 1 energy, you’re naturally going to be easy-going with money. Of course, you want to be accountable and make correct decisions, but you need to have enough in your budget that allows you to be spontaneous and random!

Challenges of a Type 1 Free Flow-er:

Your tendency to be more random and fun with money can easily create debt or dysfunction in your life if you’re not mindful. You see all the possibilities and get distracted by the next exciting, shiny new object.

In an effort to stop this, you try to be more serious about money. But this isn’t the correct solution for you, because it makes money feel heavy and not fun at all!


You need to make money fun! Otherwise, you’re not going to want it in your life.

You need to be able to freely flow in, and you have to have “fun money” you freely flow out.

Type 1 Expert Jaleah has a “fun budget” that is totally just for her to have fun with! No one gets a say about what she does with that money, not even her Type 4 husband. They agreed upon the amount, and then it’s free for her to do with it what she wants!

Type 2 Money Type: The Nest Egg-er

Type 2 energy is calm, connected, soft, subtle, relaxed, sensitive, and more downward moving.

If you are a Type 2 person living true to your Type 2 energy, you’re naturally going to be more careful with your money. You want to feel secure and reassured that you’ll always have enough since your mind always considers the “what ifs.” It’s helpful to have a certain amount set aside just in case. But this can be pushed to an extreme when you’re too afraid to spend anything.

Challenges of a Type 2 Nest Egg-er:

Your natural energy movement is one of steadiness, consistency, and flow. So when fear takes over, it actually blocks that flow and accumulation of money.

I’m married to a Type 2 Nest Egg-er, and it used to be challenging before he understood his Money Type. If you let worry control your life, you’ll freak out every time you need to spend money. Since you can’t shut it off, what can you do?


You need to become comfortable with money! Otherwise, you’re going to live in a scarcity mindset for your whole life.

You align best with the relaxed, flowing energy of the world. So if money is not experienced in that energy, it won’t connect with yours.

We weren’t raised to talk about money, so my first recommendation is to get talking about it! Together with your partner, have an agreement about the amount of money you each would like to spend each month. Using your voice is very important. The more you do, the more comfortable you will become, and the more money can flow with your comfortable energy!

Type 3 Money Type: The Builder

Type 3 energy is outward, swift, substantial, push-forward, dynamic, and moves with determination.

If you are a Type 3 person living true to your natural energy, you love big results! When it comes to money, you’re going to love seeing how much you build, whether that’s in a business, savings, or simply your bank account. Money is a result you can track, and Type 3 people are driven by that end result.

But this can become a problem when that becomes the only focus.

Challenges of a Type 3 Builder:

Your tendency to track money and aim for big results can cause you to become obsessive. You forget about the people, the mission, and the heart of what you’re doing. Any loss of money can cause frustration or even anger because you’ve lost sight of your bigger picture.

Another disadvantage would be making decisions too quickly and not thinking things through. You’re not typically detail-oriented, so your confidence may lead you to make decisions that aren’t necessarily the best ones. This leads to a “feast or famine” experience with money. But you can’t flow or accumulate with that frustrated energy!


Recognize your ability to experience both when it comes to money: the substantial result and the satisfying mission behind it.

Within my business, people come first. But my business has to be profitable—otherwise, it won’t work at all, and then I can’t help anyone! Remember that you can make money and keep the mission important.

Type 4 Money Type: The Analyzer

Type 4 energy is streamlined, structured, balanced, bold, clean, simple, and efficient.

If you are a Type 4 person living true to your natural energy, you’re naturally going to be very analytical and intellectual about money. A lot of thought goes into your money and what you spend it on. You usually purchase quality items and then care for what you love, because you’ve invested in it with lots of consideration and awareness. You don’t like wasting money at all, which can be a positive thing, or turn into a negative thing!

Challenges of a Type 4 Analyzer:

Type 4 people fall into trouble when their all-or-nothing mentality affects their relationship with money. Their “all” could look like being controlling and possessive, knowing where every penny is. Their “nothing” extreme could mean they check out, because they don’t feel accomplished about money.


Don’t let money control you; instead, master it! You have a knack for becoming a master at systems, so learn about investment strategies, accounting, etc, so that you can feel accomplished! You’ll love excelling at these new tasks and watching money return multiplied to you.

The more money you have, the more good you can do in the world!

What Money Type do you think you are?

What if your Energy Type and Money Type are different?

I’m asked this question a lot.

Consider the possibility that you may have mis-Typed yourself in one area. The more you’re living true to your natural energy movement, the more everything thrives in your life, including money.

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