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Facial Profiling: The Soft, Subtle Type 2 Woman trusting your emotional response can boost your confidence

Could you have mis-Typed yourself as a Type 2 based on cultural training and stereotypes?

It’s interesting to note that true Type 2 women are those most often correct in profiling themselves. Find out why (3:24).

Facial profiling, or face profiling, is the primary assessment tool in determining your dominant Type. Don’t look to personalty as this is too often skewed based on culture and upbringing. Watch as Carol and Anne give you the tips and tools to correctly assess and profile the Soft, Subtle Type 2 Woman.

(00:35) Learn the movements, shapes, and expression of the Type 2 women’s facial features. Take a step back, what is the overall movement that you see and feel?

See the examples:

  • (1:16) Amy (full makeover) Notice her face shape, jawline, cheeks, eyebrows, and smile.
  • (4:22) Rachelle (full makeover) Notice her hairline, eyes, nasolabial folds, and smile.
  • (5:46) Lisa (full makeover) Notice her overall direction of movement, eyebrows, lips, jawline, and chin.

(3:09) Compliment Clues. Notice how the compliments you get could be a clue to knowing your Type.

Face profiling (along with the full understanding of Energy Profiling) will help you love and understand yourself and others better and create harmony in all of your relationships.

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Video Transcript:

Carol: Facial profiling is one of the primary assessment tools in knowing your dominant energy type. Let’s take a look at the Type 2 soft subtle woman’s face. Ann, this is your expertise right here. You can actually look at Ann’s face and see that she has a soft blended, connected, relaxed quality. What is the movement that we are looking, the shapes, the lines, we are looking for?

Anne: Definitely S-curve would be a dominant movement we are looking for. Teardrops, ovals. The overall quality of movement that we are looking for, and we can even see this as we pull up all three women that we will be profiling today, is a very blended relaxed quality with an overall downward movement.

Carol: Softened.

Anne: Softened, that is a great keyword as well.

Carol: Yeah, I think of in architecture or in construction, where they take a wall with a hard corner and they…

Anne: Spin around it, smooth it out.

Carol: Rubbed it out.

Anne: Or like even like a painting that maybe had really clear distinct lines. You just kind of put a little blur on it or a little watercolor quality to it.

Carol: Blended.

Anne: So let’s look at our first face, which is Amy. The overall movement, take that in. Again, without looking at specific features, without looking at specifically her nose first, take a step back. What’s the overall movement you see?

Carol: We see that softened blended quality, downward movement.

Anne: Downward movement. Her overall face shape is a soft and elongated oval. And in her jawline, it has a blended sloping quality. So, there isn’t a clearly defined jawline. It has a blended quality as well as in the cheek. The cheekbone and the jaw is very connected and more filled out. I have that quality as well. They call it a long cheek.

Carol: Type 2 women call it jowls. I call it the elongated cheek. It’s where your cheek blends into your jawline. There’s not a separation.

Anne: Right, look at the overall features. There’s less contrast and so more blended quality there in her eyebrows. They have a very elongated field starting in the inner of her eye and then diffusing out around her eye. She has a heavy-lidded quality. That’s a very common feature for type II because again, that downward movement.

Carol: We also see a teardrop nose and her upper lip is an elongated S-curve.

Anne: Notice when she’s smiling and if you were to compare this to a type I or a type III, look at the lines around her mouth. They are so blended and diffused that you can’t quite tell exactly where it ends on one side or the next, that it just has a very blended quality. And when she’s smiling, there isn’t an upward movement. It’s all staying very still. There is that lower quality in its movement.

Carol: You can see that she’s dressing her trait that quality of beauty expresses, that the features of having that blended relaxed subtle S-curve. We call that beautiful. Type II women often hear the complement of you look so beautiful. You have such a calming effect. You really just, you’re so soothing, I can talk to you about anything. If you’re hearing this, there’s a message for you to consider. The thing that you want to make sure is that you’re not looking at personalities. Too many women default to think they’re Type 2 because of cultural training and perceptions of what a woman is supposed to be.

It’s an interesting space that type II, real type II women are the most accurate in profiling themselves and it also becomes the default type that too many women choose based on a stereotype that’s not accurate. So, make sure you’re paying attention to your facial features because you’re going to see what we just showed you if you truly are a type II woman. The face as a whole, if you have hooded eyelids and that’s all you’re relating to, don’t think well, I am a type II because of that. So, make sure your whole face expresses what we just showed you.

Anne: I mean, there are four other assessment tools as well.

Carol: Yeah.

Anne: So…

Carol: Our next face is with Michelle. So again, look at the whole face and notice that blended softened quality to it.

Anne: Her face shape is more of a softened square, that you can see on the sides of her jaw and up in her hairline how it creates that, like you said, that more sharpened angle, it’s all been softened. A more blended hairline, as well. There’s not clear definition. You can see in her eyes, they have an almond shape. Another common feature for type IIs is to have a darkness under your eyes or little bit of a soft bag under your eye.

Carol: Puffiness. Yeah, you feel, you deal with more dark circles and puffiness. Your nasolabial fold lines, which is this mark that indents around your mouth. You can see in hers when she smiles, it’s an S-curve.

Anne: There’s a tiny little S-curve right there. And then again, the line just kind of blends out, very softened quality. And same thing featuring here as it did in Amy, her smile rather than moving upward has more of a softened curve to it, keeping that downward movement. Also her nose line, you can see the S-curves there, it’s not turning upward. It has more of a just softened S-curve movement. In her after, you can really see that S-curve shine. And also the lines around her eyes, notice how they move primarily downward creating that downward overall flow.

Carol: Lisa overall has, I think a beautiful quality of everything moving softly downward on her face. The corners of her eyes are moving downward, the outside of her eyebrow. We can see that even her lips have a little bit of a downward movement to them. Looking at her jaw and jawline, you can see an S-curve there.

Anne: In her eyes, she has the heavy-lidded quality that moves downward. And in her chin, you could even draw, outline an oval on its side along her chin.

Carol: I love it when a Type 2 women, when dressing their truth, we really see how much they come alive. And that’s going to be a variable you want to consider that if you’re truly a Type 2 woman, when you put on the type II colors and the jewelry and have the correct movement in your hairstyle, you’re going to see life come into their face. If you’re not a type II woman, you’re going to see yourself…

Anne: The light comes out of you.

Carol: You are going to see yourself fade away. It actually makes you look lifeless.

Anne: Well, if you think…

Carol: That to me is really distinguishing. A type II woman is like, she comes alive. And if you’re not a type II, you’ll feel dull.

Anne: You’ll feel dull, dusted over, muted. You will feel all those things that the type II colors are when a type II woman wears them. It has this energy of, yeah, it’s just…

Carol: It comes alive in every one of these. Let look at them all together in their after and how beautiful they each look and how much life they now express.

Anne: Notice the quality of soothing, calm, gentle, blended. You want to take a nice deep breath and settle in.

Carol: Yeah, you know, you are like, “Oh, I want to give each of these women a hug.” You’re drawn to them that way, in a comforting way.

Anne: That’s an inward inviting quality.

Carol: Yeah.

Anne: You can see their overall movement, it has a downward blended quality. Where can a type II woman get stuck in this process of facial profiling?

Carol: It’s rare. It really is. A true Type 2 women, they have an emotional response that’s very telling for them that it feels like they come home to a truth in themselves. They are an inner emotional hit that brings them to tears often, to know this is me. And so it’s a very emotional knowing.

Anne: So, I would say…

Carol: Rather than an intellectual or I think this is me, there is this profound emotional knowing that they feel overall in their whole body that confirms it for them. And I’d love for you as a type II woman to share in a comment what that was like for you, that was the confirmation that supported what we are teaching here.

Anne: And I think where you get tripped up as a Type 2, is when you start to use your mind to evaluate that feeling and question it and turn it over and look at it. And so you get more heady about it and so trusting your heart and staying in that space. And as you use this tool in profiling others, you will get that feeling. And it will just like, you know, feel really right. So, trust that and move forward.

Carol: Yeah.

Anne: Rather than now trying to analyze it because that’s not a space that you play your best in.

Carol: The need for reassurance, to make sure you’re right, but I have a video on that, how to reassure yourself.

Anne: There you go.

Carol: So, go watch that video on how to reassure yourself.

Anne: Or if you have a buddy and, you know, you are addressing your true friend and you can kind of share ideas.

Carol: About knowing it, that emotional knowing.

Anne: I am talking about more if you are like watching a TV show, and you are like trying to profile someone for fun, you know. Not…yeah. With yourself, you want to reassure yourself and move forward confidently with that.

Carol: Yeah, it’s good. So, thanks. Thanks for sharing in a comment what this is, how you knew you are a type II women.

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