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Yes, You Can Wear Yellow! 5 Tips on How to Wear Every Color In Your Type

"I can't wear yellow (or green, or pink)." Actually, you can!

“I don’t look good in pink. I can’t wear yellow. Green never works for me.”

It’s so common for women to have grown up believing they don’t look good in certain colors. So they simply write it off altogether.

Maybe you were typed in a different color system, like the seasons, and you were told you couldn’t wear pink, or that oranges wouldn’t work for you.

But Dressing Your Truth is not a color/season system—it’s based on movement and energy! With very few exceptions, every Energy Type can wear most colors!

You could be missing out on so many incredible colors because you’ve just been wearing the wrong versions of them!

There are so many variations of one color.

In Dressing Your Truth, each Type has a color palette that harmonizes perfectly with their individual Energy Type. Sometimes women come into the world of Dressing Your Truth dismissing specific colors of their Type because it never worked for them before.

But I can assure you, when you learn this system and use all 5 Elements (color, design line, fabrication, pattern, and texture), you will know how to make your “wrong” colors “right” for you.

Here are 5 tips to put together incredible outfits in colors you never thought you could wear before!

1. Have an open mind.

It sounds so simple, but I promise you, you will surprise yourself! Go to the store and try on clothing that harmonizes with your Style Guides. It’s important not to try to “eyeball” this, especially in your beginning days of Dressing Your Truth. Some colors are too close to each other, and you could be picking a color from another Type! No wonder it wouldn’t work for your beautiful self.

Amy, Type 1 found this to be true! “I thought I looked terrible in mint. I just needed a tint! Type 1/4.”

Amy, Type 1

2. Make your accessories do the work.

One thing I do is make sure my accessorizing brings in the Type 3 edge, and my design lines bring in my secondary Type 4. This always creates a style that looks great on me.

For example, as a Type 3/4, I do look better in richer, darker shades, yet I also want to wear my lighter value shades and neutrals. So, what I do to make them work is add more substantial jewelry that adds yang energy to my outfit.

You can learn more about yin/yang style tips with the Yin/Yang Style Cheat Sheet here!

Carol, Type 3

3. Have an item from every color in your Type’s rainbow—even if you’ve never worn it before!

Challenge yourself to venture out into all the colors of the rainbow in your Style Guide. We tend to stay in our “safe” colors, but what about those yellows, greens, and oranges?

Type 2 Expert Jenny shares, “What is a color that is challenging to find in your type? For me, it’s Type 2 yellow and orange. Today is a Type 2 orange win! I wanted something easy and fairly cozy. I pulled out this oldie but goodie sweater and voila!”

Jenny, Type 2

4. Mix and match colors so the focus isn’t just on a single color.

You might be used to wearing black, white, blues, and browns. Colors beyond that were off the table.

But now that you’re learning whether tints, shades, tones, or hues work for you, there are endless possibilities!

Type 1 Sherri found this to be true: “Before DYT, this outfit would be too loud and crazy. Yellow was a color I don’t wear. Pink belonged only in shirts, not pants or skirt. T-shirt should be either tucked in or out not gathered in the middle. And shoes…black, white or tennis. But this outfit had my energy up. Got tons of compliments and I used the bracelet/coin trick to make a plain t-shirt into a cute shirt.”

Sherry, Type 1

Sherry’s Coin/Bracelet Trick: Place a bracelet or large coin on the shirt where you want some movement. Then on the inside of the shirt, wrap a rubber band around the bracelet. This creates movement on the front.

5. Throw away the idea of seasons, draping, and color analysis.

These systems focus on your skin tone and hair color to help you find your colors.

In Dressing Your Truth, we help you find your Type first—and then everything else falls into place. You find new hairstyles that flatter you, makeup that compliments your skin tone, and wardrobe colors that remove facial shadows and dark circles.

Martha, Type 4 was told in the past that she couldn’t wear black. “Believe it or not, I never wore white and rarely wore black. I’m a Type 4! Some “authority“ way back when told me those were too harsh for me. Hmmm. Here’s to proving them wrong!”

We think she looks incredible now. Her hair, eyewear, shoes, accessories, pants, and jacket are all working together in a harmonized way. If she had on pants that were in a Type 2 blue, this whole outfit would not work! But because she is using all 5 Elements (color, design line, fabrication, pattern, and texture), this outfit is a 10.

Martha, Type 4

Don’t go another day without your Style Guides.

Even after years and years of Dressing Your Truth, I will still refer to my Style Guides and Pattern Guides that come in the Style Kit. They are the most comprehensive tools you can use as you train your eye to find your correct colors!

They easily fit in your purse, or keep them in your car. The wallet sizes are perfect to have on you at all times when you’re in stores.

You’ll surprise yourself with how great you look in magnificent colors! Kerry never thought she could wear mustard yellow! Then she discovered she was a Type 3 and learned how to choose the best mustard yellow. She is gorgeous!

Kerri, Type 3

I can’t wait to see all of your new outfits.

If you don’t have your Style Kit yet, grab it today! This inexpensive tool will help you feel confident that every item you purchase is harmonized with your Type’s colors. Then be sure to post your outfits in the Lifestyle Facebook Group!

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