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The Yin/Yang Line-Up of All 12 Energy Type Combos

Your dominant and secondary Energy Type creates a yin/yang combo.

In Energy Profiling, we teach that yin energy is an inward movement, with yang energy being an outward movement.

Each Energy Type, therefore, has a corresponding yin/yang combination, along with keywords that describe the quality of that movement. For example, Type 1 starts with a yang movement that moves outward and is animated, followed by a yin movement that is light and crisp.

Here’s the complete list of each dominate Energy Type with its corresponding yin/yang movement:

Type 1 Yang/Yin

  • Yang: outward, animated
  • Yin: light, crisp

Type 2 Yin/Yin

  • Yin: flow inward
  • Yin: soft, relaxed

Type 3 Yang/Yang

  • Yang: push forward
  • Yang: substantial, edgy

Type 4 Yin/Yang

  • Yin: still, reflective
  • Yang: bold, structured

A more in-depth look at each of these yin/yang definitions can be found here.

Your dominant and secondary Energy Type creates a yin/yang combination.

As you continue to learn about your dominant and secondary Energy Type, it’s very insightful to understand the yin/yang combination and how this quality of movement influences your natural expression.

In this video, you will see a lineup of women from each dominant and secondary Energy Types so you can see which combination is the highest, most-expressive movement down to the lowest, more-still movement on the opposite end.

In addition, each of the women shares what her yin/yang combo means to her and how it affects how she moves through life.

This is a list of each dominant and secondary Energy Types with its corresponding yin/yang combination:

  • T3/S1 Yang Yang Yang Yin
  • T1/S3 Yang Yin Yang Yang
  • T3/S4 Yang Yang Yin Yang
  • T1/S4 Yang Yin Yin Yang
  • T3/S2 Yang Yang Yin Yin
  • T4/S3 Yin Yang Yang Yang
  • T1/S2 Yang Yin Yin Yin
  • T2/S3 Yin Yin Yang Yang
  • T4/S1 Yin Yang Yang Yin
  • T2/S1 Yin Yin Yang Yin
  • T4/S2 Yin Yang Yin Yin
  • T2/S4 Yin Yin Yin Yang

Here are some of the patterns you’ll notice in this video:

  • If you were to fold this list in half, you would see combinations mirror each other. For example, starting at one end: 3/1 is Yang Yang Yang Yin and on the other end 2/4 is yin yin yin/yang.
  • No Type is next to itself.
  • All Triple Yangs are at the high movement end – except 4/3 which is in the middle.
  • All Triple Yins are at the low movement end – except 1/2 which is in the middle.
  • The Double-double combinations are next to each other.
  • In Carol’s book, It’s Just My Nature, she teaches that Type 1 is the highest movement, so why is Type 3 the highest in this lineup? Because the secondary Type 1 Energy kicks it up. The same concept applies for the Type 4 Energy; the Type 2/4 ends up being lowest movement.

How do you feel about your placement in this yin/yang lineup?  What insights have you had realizing where you’re placed among the other women of your Type? Share how this information has helped you in the comment section!

Now you’re ready to learn more about how your yin-yang combo influences your style choices!

How to Add Your Yin & Yang Combo Into Your Style



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