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2 Reasons Why Women Buy Clothes that Don’t Fit

Stop keeping clothes that don't fit you correctly.

You’re standing in the fitting room at a store, trying on clothes that don’t fit correctly. You talk yourself into buying them anyway, only to get home and wish you hadn’t.

Too often women are tempted to buy clothes that are either too small or too big. The psychological reasoning for these 2 choices are:

  • “If I buy a smaller size, it will motivate me to lose weight!”
  • “If I buy a larger size, I won’t feel or look so fat!”

But these reasons never create what you want. They only set you up for self-sabotage and prevent you from finding your own personal style.

Here’s why.

When you have clothes in the smaller size that you want to be, they act as a reminder that you’re too big and overweight.

On the other hand, when you wear clothes that are too big, you look frumpy and feel fat.  You don’t get the advantage you’re looking for.

Instead of getting motivated, you get a daily dose of discouragement. The discouragement compels you to eat more and continue your emotional battle with weight.

The solution to finding your personal style is to create a closet full of clothes that fit you properly at your current size.

Take a Saturday afternoon and go through all the items in your closet. If there’s anything you haven’t worn in the last 12-18 months, get rid of it.

Then try on all the rest of the clothes and follow these 3 easy guidelines to determine if you’ll keep or donate them:

1. How does the item fit you?

For tops, notice the fit of the armhole and the sleeve length. If they’re too snug, you won’t last long in it. Also, notice how it fits across your bust and torso. Is it too snug? Too loose? Learn your preferences so you know what fit you like.

For pants, the fit around the waist is the most important. What rise waistband do you prefer, high, medium, or low? Next is the fit around your buttocks and thighs. If they’re too loose or too tight, it may be challenging to feel comfortable. What length of pant are you most comfortable in? You can always get the length shortened by a tailor for little cost if you love the way the top of the pant fits.

If it is not fitting properly, get rid of it.

2. Ask yourself, “On a scale from 1-10, how much do I love it?”

If you cannot honestly score a 7 or up, that’s why you’re not wearing it.

When an item falls below 7, you may think you should be wearing it because you spent money on it or because it was a gift. But consider the possibility that your motive comes from a place of guilt—not because you love it and feel great in it!

If it does not rate 7 or higher, get rid of it!

3. Do you have anything to wear it with?

Clothes are just the blank canvas of creating great personal style. In order to find your own style, ask yourself, “What jewelry and accessories will I pair with this outfit? What shoes and handbag will I wear?”

Imagine the entire outfit. You probably already have the items you need in your wardrobe! Great clothes without great jewelry, accessories, shoes, and a fabulous handbag is like a cake with no frosting or decor. It can still taste good, but it is not very interesting!

If you honestly have nothing to wear it with and don’t see yourself making that investment anytime soon, get rid of it!

How you feel in your clothes is directly related to how confident you feel about yourself and your body.

Boost your confidence by using these 3 guidelines to update your closet—and when considering any new purchase!

You deserve to look and feel good in all of your clothes, no matter your body shape or weight. You express a unique Type of beauty that’s a part of who you are. Knowing your own Energy Profile will support the way you move through the world.

Take my Dressing Your Truth Before & After Course to discover which Type of Beauty you are.

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