Emily’s Beautiful Type 2 #LiveMakeover

Part 1: The DYT Team and I Choose a Participant
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Emily wants a fresh hairstyle.

She’s going to get that and a whole lot more.

Tune in to meet our #LiveMakeover participant, a soft, subtle Type 2 beauty. Emily assessed herself correctly using the information in my book, It’s Just My Nature.

She shares one thing that tipped her off — it has to do with how she channeled her detailed nature into something creative.


Part 2: Live Q & A With Carol
In this segment, I give tips to determine your dominant energy when you’re trying to decide between two Energy Types. (Hint: the answer is in your face!)

You’ll find support if it’s challenging to land on your Energy Type. What are you avoiding because you don’t want to see yourself clearly?

Remember, your true nature is expressing itself every day. All you need to do is notice and accept it.


Part 2, Continued: Support for Emotional Issues + Releasing Judgment
Any of the 4 Types of people can have any human trait. But they will still interact with that trait true to their Energy Type.

Being responsible, kind, successful or smart is possible for any Type of person.

Watch the video to find out more about releasing judgment. Plus, we have some fun with our Dressing Your Truth Style Guides!


Part 3: Emily’s Big Reveal
As a child, Emily felt pressure to be more assertive and tried to present herself that way in her clothing. But now, it’s time for her more subtle nature to take the lead.

Plus, notice how Anna K incorporates Emily’s secondary in her look.

Where are you at in your Dressing Your Truth journey?

Once you know your Energy Type, get my Dressing Your Truth course where I’ll support you every step of the way in living your truth.

Already have the course? I’d like to invite you to join Lifestyle where you’ll become an absolute expert at your unique style.


Start you Free Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide!


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