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An Easy Guide to Pick the Best Healing Oils for Your Energy Type

How to pick the best essential oil & become a happier you!

Essential oils—could they really help you feel happier and live more true to yourself?

Time and time again, I have found the answer to be yes.

I’ve been using essential oils since 1994. They have personally supported my own healing and well-being, and I know they will help you too.

You have a unique energetic vibration. When you use tools, like essential oils, with the correct vibration for your Energy Type, you allow your truth to come forward easily.

Some people wonder if essential oils can really make a difference. I like to categorize them as one of God’s tools. God created many tools from nature, whether they’re food, therapeutic gemstones, or herbs and plants—which is what we derive essential oils from! All of these are a part of nature’s pharmacy, and nature knows how to create restoration and healing.

Essential oils for your Energy Type

After over two decades of using essential oils in my own life, we released the Carol Tuttle Healing Oil collection to directly support you in living your truth.

Any Energy Type can benefit from any of the Healing Oils, but there are specific ones that will bring your energy back to life if you haven’t been fully allowing it or living it in its fullness.

Type 1 – Fresh and cheery

Type 1 energy is animated, light, buoyant, and crisp. People who express Type 1 energy are positive, uplifting, and have a gift for new ideas and seeing all the possibilities.

If you’re a Type 1, the best Healing Oil to support your natural energy is…

Bottle of I Am Joyful oil

I Am Joyful” is a natural mood lifter. It promotes the desire to be active, to get up and go! You’ll feel more positive feelings, with a nurturing and comforting effect on your mind and body. Your positive feelings will be energized and elevated.

Your Type 1 affirmation while using this blend:

I am a high joy vibration. It is safe to be me.

Type 2 – Soothing and peaceful

Type 2 energy is soft, comfortable, and fluid. People who express Type 2 energy are peaceful, gentle, and have a natural gift for gathering details and bringing calming energy to those around them.

If you’re a Type 2, the best Healing Oil to support your natural energy is…

I Am Nurtured” will aid you in restoring positive emotions and self-acceptance. You’ll experience deep emotional healing and restoration. This blend restores a sense of who you truly are and how you truly feel and think.

Your Type 2 affirmation while using this blend:

I am sensitive to my needs. I am at peace being me.

Type 3 – Earthy and fiery

Type 3 energy is substantial, rich, and decisive. People who express Type 3 energy are dynamic, passionate, and determined.

If you’re a Type 3, the best Healing Oil to support your natural energy is…

I Am Confident Healing Oil

I Am Confident” strengthens your self-esteem and elevates positive thinking. It inspires emotional stability and emotional resiliency. You’ll find yourself with a clear mind, free of negative thoughts as your intuition is strengthened.

Your Type 3 affirmation while using this blend:

I am using my confidence in ways that bless my life and others.

Type 4 – Captivating and exact

Type 4 energy is refined, bold, and still. People who express Type 4 energy are stunning, balanced, and have a gift of perfecting.

If you’re a Type 4, the best Healing Oil to support your natural energy is…

I Am Present Healing Oil

I Am Present” will aid you in healing your mind and body connection. As a Type 4, you tend to be in your head a lot, due to your logical thinking mind. This oil blend supports you in staying present in your body and becoming grounded again.

Your Type 4 affirmation while using this blend:

I know what is important to me. I am centered and clear.

How to use the Healing Oils to get the best results

Direct inhalation is the quickest, easiest way to reap the benefits of these powerful oils.

You can simply open the bottle and take 3 deep breaths, or place a drop in the palm of your hands and rub them together while you repeat your Type’s affirmation.

To take it even a step further, I recommend doing this while listening to the full track of your Type’s Affirmation Audio—which is a part of the Lifestyle membership.

Watch the shift happen when you use these Healing Oils.

Essentials oils have been a big part of my own life, and I’m excited to watch them support you. Leave a comment below about your favorite Carol Tuttle Healing Oil and an affirmation that you love to use! (Don’t forget to share your Type in the comments!)

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