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I Fooled Myself! I Thought I Was a Type 2, But I Was Wrong

Why you might think you're a Type 2—when you're really not

In all my years of working with women in the Dressing Your Truth system, the #1 “mis-Typed” group is Type 2! This means there’s a whole lot of women who consider themselves to be Type 2—but they’re really not!

There are two main reasons why this happens when women determine their Type. Let’s first look at the expression of Type 2 energy.

Type 2 energy is fluid and flowing. If you have a dominant Type 2 movement, you are naturally calming, inviting, subdued, and sensitive.

The dominant shapes in Type 2 facial features are elongated S curves, ovals, and softened rectangles.

Type 2 energy is an introvert expression, moving in a subtle and connected flow to create in this world. This naturally subdued, connected, flowing movement can be consistently observed through aspects of your feminine experience.

Sounds like a sweet woman, doesn’t it?

This is one of the reasons why women mis-Type themselves as a Type 2!

Our society has conditioned women to believe that this particular expression is the “ideal woman.” For generations, women were expected to be soft, accommodating, quiet, and reserved.

Nowadays, women mistakingly Type themselves in that group because they either want to be, or have tried to be, that kind of woman.

But there’s another reason why so many women mis-Type themselves as Type 2.

It’s because they have misinterpreted their own dominant Type’s expression. They have too narrow of an interpretation of their (true) Type’s energy!

Type 1: The Bright, Light, Animated Woman


If you have a dominant Type 1 movement, you have an upward, light energy. You are naturally inspiring, fun-loving and hopeful.

Your dominant shapes in Type 1 facial features are animated shapes, like a circle, heart and the points of a star.

So many Type 1 women mistake themselves as Type 2 because they misunderstand their “light” quality—they think it looks like the “soft” quality of Type 2.

Meagan, a cute Type 1 woman, agrees with this:

Type 1 Meagan Before & After

“I thought I was a Type 2 because I thought that’s what I was “supposed” to be. I related to everything and I felt safe there. But one day I woke up and realized I was a Type 1 and suddenly, I felt more awake and alive than I ever had in my life. It was so liberating! I LOVE the person I feel free to be!”

Type 3: The Rich, Dynamic Woman


If you have a dominant Type 3 movement, you have an active/reactive energy. You are naturally dynamic, sure, and purposeful.

Your dominant shapes in Type 3 facial features are angles, triangles, and asymmetrical shapes.

Sometimes Type 3 women are naturally quiet, so they can think, “I’m not Type 3 enough!” They misunderstand Type 3 energy as being always loud, go-go-go, or intense.

Anne, a hot Type 3 woman shares:

“I thought I was a Type 2/3, but I’m a 3/2. I had first defaulted to my personality traits of being quieter and detailed. But I always felt like I was a determined person. Looking at childhood photos of myself helped me to see my Type.”

Type 4: The Bold, Striking Woman


If you have a dominant Type 4 movement, you have a constant, exact energy. You are reflective, concise, and clear.

The dominant shapes in your Type 4 facial features are elongated ovals with straight sides,
parallel lines in any direction.

Both Type 2 and Type 4 are lower movements in the Energy Profiling system, so it’s common for Type 4 women to place themselves in the Type 2 world for a while.

Jackie, a stunning Type 4 woman shares:

“I have always been very sensitive and keenly aware of other people’s needs and feelings. I value comfort and quiet and being around those I love most. After spending lots of time with Lifestyle and reflecting on what I was like at my core (an orderly, loyal perfectionist), I realized that I am clearly a Type 4. So happy to now be living my truth!

What does a Type 2 woman look, act, and feel like?

Caitlin Type 2 Before & After

Type 2 Caitlin shares: “Watching the videos in the beginning, I felt very strongly that I was a Type 2. I had an emotional response, feeling as if I was being seen for the first time in my life. The way Carol described a Type 2 made me feel like I could be myself without the guilt or pressure since all my life I thought I needed to be someone else. I could do things my way (slowly), and it was a positive thing. Overall, it was a validation and freedom to be myself. I was able to settle into myself and I felt at peace. I gave a figurative/literal sigh of relief.

It’s time for you to discover your Type!

If you don’t yet know your Energy Type yet, I created a free Beginner’s Guide to help you learn all the basics to my Dressing Your Truth system!

Start your free Beginner’s Guide today!

Sometimes even after going through the course, women get stuck and cannot determine their Type. When this happens, I point them to the following resources:

Facial Profiling is the best tool to determine your Type. Your personality may change, but your facial features do not!

I also recommend this clearing session, A Powerful Exercise to Help You Determine Your True Self.

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