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How You “Fool” Yourself Into Thinking You’re a Different Type

Let's face profile 6 women and help them see their true selves!

It’s April Fools Day on this episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, so let’s have some fun laughing about our Type’s tendencies and help six women learn their Type who may have fooled themselves with the wrong Type! Here’s what we covered in today’s show:

(10:00) – My first guest, Julie, first profiled herself as a soft, subtle Type 2 woman but is having doubts about it. Pay attention to her voice—what do you hear?

(18:00) – Next meet, Janice. She keeps going back and forth between Types—she even changed her mind today before this show! What Type tends to do this? And find out how to stop doing this if you do it too.

(25:00) – Jessica is next on the show and is #cluebombing herself with her smile, body language, and voice. What movement do you see when she comes on screen?

(30:00) – Bethany goes back and forth between Type 1 and Type 4. She leans toward Type 1 as she heals from the shaming reference of being called “boring.” But look at how poised and stunning she is. Do you hear Type 4 in her voice?

(37:25) – After committing to coming on my show, Mary Beth actually correctly profiled herself as she was going through the The Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center. She healed certain parts of herself that were preventing her from seeing her true self. Find out how our wounds keep us from seeing our true selves.

(43:00) – My last guest is Angela, who’s currently trying Type 2 because of her love of comfort. But she also thinks she could be Type 4. What do you think? Wait till you hear her age!

What “aha” did you get during this show? Did you profile all 6 women correctly?

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