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Type 4 Basic Accessories: Your Secret to a Polished Look

We’ve talked about shoes, clothing, and now on to the finishing touches! No basic essential series would be complete without accessories and jewelry. Accessories are the second component of style and are key to adding the finishing touches to your bold, Type 4 look.

I’ve created a list of accessory items that I believe are essential in creating a solid Type 4 wardrobe. Whether you’re just getting started on your Dressing Your Truth journey, or you’ve been with us for years, take look at this list and see what’s missing from your jewelry and accessory basics collection.

Necklaces (3)

1. Medium/Long Silver Pendant or Lariat Necklace

This style creates a long, clean line that works great with solid tops and dresses.

2. Short Charm Necklace

I’ve found myself drawn more to smaller pendant necklaces lately. I like the simple statement that they give me. Our Swan Necklace is my favorite go-to for bold, simple style.

3. Colored Necklace/Statement Piece

Add some color and interest with a larger or more colorful necklace. This type of necklace finishes off a solid top nicely. A colorful necklace adds boldness to your basic blacks and whites.

For tips on which necklaces to wear with which necklines, check out this tutorial.

Earrings (4)

1. Bold, Larger Silver Fish Hook Earring

Be bold with a large pair of silver earrings. These pair nicely with a smaller necklace, or wear them alone as your simple statement. Here are my current favorites:

2. Complimentary Earrings

These are small to medium in size, and work well when paired with a necklace.

3. Sparkly Earring

You may think that these are for formal wear, but I enjoy some bold sparkle any day of the week. They’re smaller in size, so they won’t come off as too animated.

4. Rhinestone Post

My very favorite go-to earrings are bold rhinestone posts. I love the timeless quality they add to any level of dress. They can be small to medium in size.

Bracelets (2)

1. Simple Silver Band

A must-have in your collection is a bold, clean band. You can wear it with nearly any look or level of dress.

2. Bold Cuff

Some outfits crave some bold arm candy. I like to have at least one larger cuff to finish off bold or more dressed-up looks.

Watch (2)

I go back and forth with watches. I wear them for months, and then go months without wearing one. With that said, I do like to have one or two on hand for those times when I feel like wearing one. I usually have a simple, more functional one, and another that has bold style.

1. Simple Functional Watch

2. Bold Style

Purses (2)

You might remember from past videos and posts that I only have a couple purses. I generally have a crossbody bag and a tote. In this video, Deborah shows some amazing examples of Type 4 handbags.

1. Crossbody

2. Tote

Scarves (2)

For me, scarves are usually a functional piece. I like to have a black and white one to go with my colored jackets, and a colored one to go with my black jackets.

1. Black and White Scarf

2. Colored Scarf

Belts (2)

1. Skinny Belt

A thinner belt is a nice way to finish off your stunning looks with a polished style. You can wear it at your natural waistline over a blouse, or in the belt loops with the top tucked in.

2. Wide Belt

A wider belt can act as a bold statement piece to bring an outfit together.

As you can see, you don’t need to have a lot in your jewelry and accessories collection to add polish and style to your Type 4 look. What are some of your basic jewelry and accessory pieces? Use your Lifestyle discount code LUCKY10 to start building your collection!

Now that you’ve got an incredible Jewelry and Accessory wardrobe, do you need hep deciding which ones to pair together? Check out this post for tips on How to Choose Jewelry for Your Type 4 Outfits.


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