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The Perfect Type 4 Wardrobe with Just 21 Basic Essentials

When you’re building your Type 4 wardrobe, ask yourself: what pieces will offer you a lot of options and help you get the most value out of the Dressing Your Truth experience?

Kalista answers that question as she shares 21 pieces that are versatile and stunning. Her options will get your wheels turning and inspire you to build your own bold, fantastic wardrobe.

PS: Listen for her smart tip that will help your jeans last longer and keep them looking vibrant!

Type 4 Basic Essentials Checklist

Tops: 9
2 Basic Tees
1 Basic Blouse Top
2 Patterned Tees
1 Sweater
2 Button Down Blouses
1 White Button Down

Layering pieces: 5
2 Cardigans
1 Blazer
1 Vest
1 Outerwear Jacket

Bottoms: 6
1 Black Pant
1 White Pant
1 Dark Jeans
1 Colored Pant
1 Black Skirt
1 Navy Skirt

Dresses: 1
1 Patterned

Total Pieces: 21

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