What’s the Beauty Code Word for Your Type?

There's a Beauty Code Word for every Type—what's yours?

What’s a compliment you frequently hear, now that you’re Dressing Your Truth?

When you learn how to dress your truth, you’ll actually be complimented with specific words that actually acknowledge your Energy Type and your true nature.

Some compliments are universal, and people use them because they either don’t know about DYT, or they’ve just always used that word to compliment someone.

But some compliments are said for a reason, and they usually reflect your Type! I’m going to explain why these words are very honoring of your nature. I call them your Beauty Code Words – and this is why they matter!

I’m also going to share why you may resist certain words or hearing compliments. We usually get an idea in our heads about what kind of woman deserves a certain compliment, and we don’t think it’s us! Well, let’s re-interpret what the words mean!

Because when you dress for your Type, you present yourself to the world in a way where people can read you and respect you for who you are!

Beauty Code Words Based On Your Type

(3:00) – Type 1: Upward, light, bright, buoyant quality of movement and energy. The Type 1 Beauty Code Words: Cute & Adorable

(5:46) – Type 2: Graceful, soft, subtle, calming quality of movement and energy. The Type 2 Beauty Code Word: Beautiful

(7:40) – Type 3: Determined, dynamic, fiery, swift quality of movement and energy. The Type 3 Beauty Code Word: Hot

(10:21) – Type 4: Striking, bold, poised, reflective quality of movement and energy. The Type 4 Beauty Code Word: Stunning

You don’t have to feel uncomfortable with compliments

Sometimes women feel self-conscious or uncomfortable when people compliment their looks. In fact, you may even resist Dressing Your Truth because you’re afraid of standing out.

Every woman is worthy of feeling gorgeous and being seen—including you.

Which compliment do you feel most comfortable with, or which one have you been avoiding?

I encourage you to go through my FREE Beginner’s Guide so you can determine your Type of beauty and begin the journey of transforming your life and your appearance to come alive as the true, authentic YOU!

Start your free Beginner’s Guide today!

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