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The Easiest Way to Determine Your Secondary

Yes, it's this simple!

Determining your Secondary is easier than you think!

You move through the world in a unique way. Each of us expresses one of Dressing Your Truth 4 Energy Types as our dominant Energy. Knowing your Type can improve your relationships, your career, and your personal style.

Our dominant Energy Type helps us understand who we are as a human being and who we are supposed to be. But we also have a secondary Energy Type that acts as a support system and helps us understand our uniqueness in the world.

Why is it important to know your secondary Energy Type? Make sure you watch this video for my Top 3 Reasons It’s Important to Know Your Secondary.

Our secondary Energy Type plays a supporting role in our day-to-day life. It’s not as equal to or as expressive as our dominant Energy Type. Still, understanding our secondary Energy Type plays a role in determining who we are.

In this video, I review each of the 4 Energy Types and discuss a certain quality that most often expresses itself when presented as a secondary Energy Type.

The easiest way to determine your Secondary Energy Type:

In  The Child Whisperer, I share the following easy tips to help you see how your Secondary shows up.

(4:19) – Type 1 Secondary: A quality of cuteness, playfulness, or lighter energy – but not all the time. It’s an added animation that comes through at certain times.

(5:12) – Type 2 Secondary: A quality of gentleness, softness, or sensitivity, along with an emotional awareness of others. It’s there to access or tap into, but it doesn’t lead. It softens your dominant.

(5:45) – Type 3 Secondary: A quality of wanting results with a bit of a push that backs up your dominant. You have more of a desire for adventure and challenges, but it’s always preceded by your dominant movement first.

(6:27) – Type 4 Secondary: A quality of being able to step back and see the big picture with a keen eye. You also tend to want things orderly, but not to the degree of a dominant Type 4.

(8:07) – I encourage you to join Lifestyle to learn more about your Secondary. It makes shopping, dressing, and personalizing your style much easier and more enjoyable! You’ll also be supported with self-care and life tips to help you stay in balance and not let your Secondary take over.

Did this video help you determine your Secondary Type?

Leave a comment below sharing how! I love reading all of your experiences, and I know other women will benefit from them as well.

If you don’t yet know your dominant Type, I invite you to go through my FREE Beginner’s Guide and check out my book, It’s Just My Nature!

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