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Bring In Your Secondary, Bring Out Your Personal Style

Don’t miss one of our most fun Club Nights!

What a Club Night! 12 beautiful women. And every Energy Type’s dominant/secondary combination on stage!

Get ready for a lot of laughs and a LOT of insight about how your secondary Type of beauty works in your style—and your life.

You’ll find out which dominant-secondary Type combo…

  • …is a sneaky go-getter.
  • …keeps her humor secret from most people.
  • …insists “You WILL have fun!”

Get ready for a light to go on as you see yourself in these women’s personal insights. It’s nice to know you’re not the only one! Plus, you’ll get great outfit tips to stylize YOUR personal look.

From Type 1/2 softness

  • …to Type 2/4 color-blocking
  • …to Type 3/1 hearts
  • …to Type 4/3 edginess

These amazing women will show how unique your style can be.

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Take the life-changing knowledge about your Type a step further. We go into so much more detail about secondaries in Lifestyle.

Exploring your secondary is a fascinating process that helps you deeply love yourself. Plus, I’ll show you how to use it to personalize your style!

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