Here’s a Quick & Easy Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair

Your natural, quick, and painless way to remove facial hair

Facial hair. You’ve got it, but you want it gone!

Introducing this handy little tool, the Brow & Face Blade! Watch as Anna K and Anne demonstrate all the different ways you can use it, from your brows to unwanted upper lip hair. (2:00 Plus, listen for the extra tip on how it’ll help your makeup stay better than before!)

  • (2:00) Where can you use this handy tool?
  • (3:24) How often can you or should you use it?
  • (3:34) What’s the correct angle to hold the blade?
  • (7:38) How long can you use it before you need to replace it?
Grab your own Brow & Face Blade today!

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Video Transcript:

– [Woman] Having the right tools in your makeup kit makes all the difference in your beauty experience. And Anna K is a tool junkie. – [Anna] I am.

It’s true.

– And you’ve got the latest and greatest tool that you’re going to introduce in our Dressing Your Truth makeup line. This isn’t the tool. This is a great bag, though.

– This is not the tool. This tool is one of my favorites. And you’re wondering, “What could this be?”

– It’s small.

– It’s little.

– But mighty.

– It is mighty.

– So what happens? Where do we go from here?

– It’s like a Transformer.

– Like a ninja.

– It is. It’s like a ninja. I like that. It’s a brow blade and it’s amazing. You will love the brow blade.

– I’ve never owned one of these. Do you know what a brow blade is? Do you have one of these? Maybe this is like an old-time classic because this is something you came across 20 years ago.

– Twenty years ago. That’s right. I had this boyfriend who totally made fun of my facial hair, so I quickly ran home and looked in the mirror. I’m like, “Oh my gosh. He’s right. I do.I have facial hair.” And I was really upset about it and so, of course, I immediately pulled out my leg razor and took it to my face, which I’m going to say was not my wisest choice I’ve ever made in my life. It was way too close and it didn’t do at all what it was supposed to do.

But it did lead me to searching out the right tool that I could use for my face and not leave scars or scabbing, which is what happened.

– Oh, man.

– I actually cut way too close. It was awful. So I found a brow blade that I really, really like. And this one, I love it because it is so compact.

– That’s really nice. That blade is not going to be hanging out…- Oh, no.

– …in your makeup kit.

– So you’ll see these and they’ll have little lids on them. It can hit the blade. You can miss it. It can go missing. You throw this in the bag and your hand is in there.

– Ouch.

– Yeah. It’s all sorts of a hot mess.

– Well, it will dull the blade too. So this is nice that it just keeps to itself. It’s small, compact.

– Keeps to itself. It only ever touches your skin so that you don’t have to worry about… – Probably sanitary reasons too.

– Yeah.

– There you go.

– I really, really like that it can collapse into itself. Love that.

– So is it just for brows, or would your whole face use that?

– No. This is what’s so amazing about it. So I found the brow blade and I did use it on my brows. And we’ll get to that in just a second. But I actually really like it for my upper lip. And I have like… See that?

– I do.

– You see that mole? Hair grows out of it. It’s so gross.

– Everyone has one of those somewhere.

– But that’s the honest truth of it.

– We do. We all have facial hair. We’re humans.

– Yes. We’re mammals and so we have peach fuzz. And I just think makeup lays on your face so much better when you don’t have that. It will last longer. It’s not sitting on top of the face. It’s not so noticeable. When that is gone, it’s much easier to keep the makeup on and it sets much better.

So I like to get rid of it.

– So can you use it in your eyes?

– Yeah.

– In your eyelids?

– You can use it on your eyelids, in your eyebrow area, on your lip, underneath here, peach fuzzy places.

– Okay. So you just kind of feel around and where you feel like, or if the light catches it. If you’ve been driving in your car, you hit a stoplight and you look it the mirror and like, “Whaa! I didn’t know all that.”

– Mustache.

– “I need to tweeze my eyebrows.” Or yeah, the light hits it just right. I’ve had that experience.

– Well, it’s because it’s surround light. It’s awesome.

– I didn’t know this was an option. I thought it was just either waxing or deal with it.

– You can wax, and waxing is great, but this is really nice in between those waxes or if you just want to ditch waxing, which is what I ended up doing. I used to wax. Actually, I went to waxing before I found the brow blade. But I don’t even wax anymore.

– So how often do you do this?

– I do this probably once or twice a week. I’m pretty vigilant at keeping it up, keeping up on it. It’s really been a great thing.

– So show me how to use it.

– Okay. So I’m going to show you right here where the most common place to use it is right here. And actually, if you go down first, and you can actually shape right into here, get into this spot.

– It’s kind of exfoliating too. I can see some skin.

– Yeah. It does.

– Little flakes.

– And actually, you might get too much skin or hair on it. I just have something standing by that I can wipe the blade off on really quick.

– Don’t use your fingers.

– Don’t use your fingers. Don’t lick it. Yeah. Be careful.

– Just wipe it softly.

– It is a blade.

– You’ll be able to see as we kind of collect…

– Yeah. I don’t know if you can see that, but that’s just a little bit right there. And then to clean it, you just want to spray a little bit of rubbing alcohol on it.

– Okay. Easy.

– And that will do it.

– Super easy.

– So is that it? You’re done right there?

– I mean, really in this spot, you could spend hours, like…- Well, let’s not do that.

– …getting every single hair. But for demonstration’s sake.

– Yeah. If you’re doing it on a weekly basis, you can keep it pretty quick.

– So I like to go down with the hair and then against the grain if I need to. If I’ve got some stubborn ones or if it didn’t come off immediately. I have that trouble more with my mustache than I do in my brow area. Usually I just go down and it’s fine. Now, when I do the lid, I always go down. I never go up because I don’t want to go up into the eyebrow and accidentally nick some of my eyebrow away.

And this skin right here is so thin that we want to make sure that we’re not cutting into the skin. So you’re going to want to go down.

– Just light-handed.

– Very light-handed. I would try with this space first if you’ve never used this before, so you can kind of get a feel of…- Yeah. The skin is a little bit tougher.

– …what that looks like.

– Yeah, it’s a little bit tougher and you’ll be fine.

– But if you clean that area up, your makeup, especially if it has some shimmer in it, will really hold nicely rather than getting caught in those hairs.

– Exactly. It will stay put. It will do what it’s supposed to.

– Okay. So I want to try it.

– Okay.

– I have never done this before. I have lighter hair. I mean, I can feel right here, it gets a little bit…- And if I look like this, I can kind of see it.

– Well, I’ve got a magnifying mirror here, which nobody should ever own one of these in their own home.

– No.

– But for today’s purposes. Because actually when I go to a hotel and they have that magnifying mirror, I immediately put a towel over it because I have a tendency to pick and so I just try and…- Stay away from it.

– Yeah.

– Okay. You’re really going to want to make sure that it’s snapped into place.

– Great.

– So it doesn’t collapse on you.

– Okay. So I’m going to start down.

– I would go down with the blade this way. Yep. Now, you can always push your tongue out for this area right here. Yeah, exactly.

– You hold it at an angle or hold it flat against the skin?

– I hold it at an angle, a little bit going down. Yep. You’re doing great. That’s just right. Yeah. Look at that. Now look at the blade.

See if there’s any… Oh, yeah. I just saw stuff on. Go the other side. Just see it on the other side.

– Ooh.

– Isn’t that crazy? That’s all your peach fuzz.

– Yeah. It can definitely… Now let’s feel it. Oh, it feels smooth.

– Yeah. Now, if you keep doing it, you’re going to be scraping off layers of skin and it will get really shiny. So know when to stop.

– So it doesn’t need to necessarily be completely bare.

– No.

– You’re just cleaning some things up.

– It’s not like your picking your head or anything. You just want it to be…- Can you see that?

– Yep, I see it.

– Definitely longer. Let’s take care of that.

– Get rid of that right now. Now, in that area, because of where the hair is growing, you might want to go up.

– Okay.

– There you go. You got it. Yeah.

– I was born for this.

– You are. And you can see the little flaky…Look at… – Yeah.

– On your mirror.

– Oh, yeah. I have lots of hair, more hair than I realized.

– Yeah. I mean, they’re blond. They’re really light. Now, some women don’t have blond hair and it’s a little bit darker.

– It’s nice, though, especially… I like what you said about adding your makeup. Now it’s going to be more smooth.

– It’s going to stay on. It’s going to be more smooth.

– And you can kind of just feel around. You said that some people…more here. I’ve got a little bit more peach fuzz back here.

– And I’ve got these little guys down here. So sometimes it can be here. And you’re going to want to really watch where your hair growth pattern is going. Kind of like a man’s beard where you see they’ve got the swirls in it and sometimes it will grow up in one way.

– So just follow the…- Yep. Follow the growth hair. And then if you need to, go the opposite direction.

– So how much use can you get out of one of these? I imagine, over time, the blade will dull.

– The blade will dull. Yep. It sure will. So I use it once or twice a week, and I can usually get it for about six months. You’re definitely going to want to clean. Make sure you clean it once a week.

– You can’t sharpen it?

– Once it’s done, it’s done. And you’ll know. You’ll be able to realize, “Oh, it’s just really not doing…”It becomes like a dull… – Yeah, probably just feel the results. And how much for one of these?

– These are $12.97 right now.

– So real affordable.

– Super affordable. You just pick up one or two for the year and…- Good to go. This is a great easy tool to add to your makeup kit to create a really nice foundation for your makeup and help you feel more comfortable in your beauty experience. That’s definitely what it gave to you.

– I love it. Yes.

– Thank you, Anna K, for your instruction always.

– You are welcome. Love it.

– We love you.

– Now, don’t forget to stay beautiful. ♪ [music] ♪

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