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Clothes & Confidence: What You Wear (& Think) Changes How You Feel

How to use the Power of Positive Thinking to increase your self-confidence

It’s a challenging cycle: you look in the mirror and feel unhappy with your body and how you look.

Defeated, you opt for an outfit that doesn’t even make you feel good. And because you don’t feel good, you go about your day without any confidence.

Let’s end this for good!

Want to feel better about your self-image?

Maintain a positive belief system!

One of the most common causes of losing your sense of fashion and style is because you develop and allow a negative belief system when it comes to shopping and your body!

Some of the most common negative beliefs held by women are:

I can never find anything that fits me.
Nothing ever looks good on me.
It always costs too much.
I look fat in everything I try on.
I hate my body.

Your self-esteem cannot be separated from your feelings and attitude about your body and appearance. And if you’re a mother, you can only affect your child’s positive self-esteem as much as YOU have one!

If your self-esteem is suffering, then your child’s self-esteem will suffer as well.

Want to learn how to be confident and stop believing these things about yourself?

The bottom line is, you experience what you believe.

As long as you believe these defeating thoughts, that is what you’ll experience—which turns into one defeating shopping trip after another!

Change your beliefs and watch the clothes, shoes, and jewelry appear out of nowhere—all at prices that are a bargain, just for you!

Here are some options to help you add positive thinking into your life:

  • I have such great success finding clothes that fit that I feel great in!
  • I am really good at picking out pieces that look great on me.
  • I love all the deals and bargains that seem to just show up for me.
  • I look good and feel good in the pieces I am choosing.
  • I appreciate my body and am grateful for how well it serves me.

When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you are a better person, a better wife, and a better mom.

Give yourself the style and fashion support you need so that you can continue to become more healthy and self-confident.



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