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Can You Guess Their Types? Let’s Have Some #TruthBomb Fun

These women think they know their Type—are they correct?

Don’t you just love guessing another person’s Type?

As a Dressing Your Truth Lifestyle member, I make a point to give you many opportunities to guess someone’s Type, using your facial profiling skills.

Twice a month in our Lifestyle Facebook group, I hold #TruthBomb sessions. This is when we select women who are looking for guidance determining their Type, and then we ask them to post pictures of their faces and hands.

The Lifestyle members get a chance to give feedback and guess the woman’s Type, and then I give the final confirmation at the end.

Let’s do our own #TruthBomb session right now!

Can you guess these women’s Types?

Here’s how this will go! Look at the photos below for each woman and use your face profiling skills to take a guess. Read through their explanation and see if your answer matches up with what they think. Then, after you’ve decided on a Type, scroll to the bottom to see if you’re correct.

1. Brooke

First, meet Brooke. Here’s what she has to say:

Brooke before pictures

“I think I am a Type 3 because I am very determined and tend to move a lot of things into motion at once. I am not sure though because there is a softened quality to what I do and people often think I am shy. I feel that my facial features are more substantial and asymmetrical, but I also see a softened quality to my skin and people frequently think I am younger than I really am. What Type do you think I am and why?”

2. Angela

Let’s meet Angela, who shares:

Angela Before Photo

“I think I am a Type 2 because I come across as sweet, kind, and gentle. I am loyal, friendly, and get along with most. I have had the same job for 21 years and have had the same best friend for 23 years!

“I have hooded eyes, some S curves around my nose, and full cheeks. However, I think my eyes are set on a straight line. I see an angular jaw. I see circles on my nose and cheeks.

“I love to be part of a small group or connect one on one. I can be reserved and the last to speak. I am pretty cautious about most things. I like to organize and plan ahead. I love my routines but also like the flexibility to change them based on how I am feeling. I like variety and trying new things in my week to week plans. Thank you so much for your input!”

3. Manuela

Next up is Manuela, and she shares:

Manuela before photo

“I think I am a Type 3, since I can see a lot of angles and deep lines in my face. There are the V-shaped smile lines around the mouth and a larger noticeable nose. The upper eye seems shaped like a triangle and I have these deep inner eye angles. On the other hand, I have not the intense Type 3 gaze or the exotic angled cat eyes. I maybe see a youthful quality to my face (I am soon 46), but neither hotness nor cuteness.

“In the Beginner’s Guide, I felt connected with the Type 3 content: The doodling of geometrical patterns, talking with the hands, bringing things forward by multitasking. I love the Type 3 colors peacock blue, teal green, mustard yellow and coral. However, I am really missing my navy clothes which had been a “go to color” before DYT. Also, leopard print and myself will never become close friends. I feel strange in this pattern.

“Regarding my personality I could find in each type something that I express or absolutely not express when reading “it’s my nature” and the “child whisperer”. I can be playful, adventurous and fun, but I need to balance this out with enough quiet “alone” time, reading or watching films.”

4. Ruta

And last but not least, let’s meet Ruta:

Ruta before photo

“I think I am a Type 1 because I changed my mind about my type more than 12 times. I am open and I love having possibilities. I like to keep things positive and light. I am not sure though because I can be overthinking and over analyzing, super sensitive to criticism. I have strong opinions. I can be very “get things done right now or never”. I love details. In new situations I’m very shy. I prefer deep conversations about what matters most.

“I can see a youthful quality to my face and some circles, but I also see heavy eyelids, some symmetry and I have a closed lip smile all my life. In childhood pictures I had super heavy cheeks and serious/sad face, very uncomfortable to be photographed. I have edited this text for 5 days to keep it short! It feels like I could write a book with all the details and reasons figuring what Type I am.”

Ready to find out if you’re both correct?

Here are the answers!

1. Brooke

Brooke was correct! She is a Rich & Dynamic Type 3 Woman.

Type 3 Brooke Before & After

2. Angela

Angela was correct as well! She is a Soft & Subtle Type 2 Woman.

Angela Type 2 After

3. Manuela

Manuela is a Bright & Animated Type 1 Woman!

Manuela Type 1 After

4. Ruta

Ruta is a Bold & Stunning Type 4 Woman!

Ruta Type 4 After

She shares:

“It’s been 10 days after my #Truthbomb by Carol and I’m so grateful to know for sure now I’m a Type 4! That is the best gift ever!!! Yesterday I had my 34th birthday. For the first time in years I felt confident and so calm! I’m finding my own way of being with people, by letting Type 4 step out and just be still and bold.

“First steps in clearing out my style from type 1 to type 4 was purchasing right makeup and one striped top. I’m amazed to hear the comments from my relatives that they see new facial features in me now.

“Thank you for every one of you who actively guessed my type during a cluebomb! I was really blown away! Thank you Carol Tuttle!!! All my love, respect and gratitude to you!”

How many did you guess correctly?

Whether you aced them all or missed the mark on a couple, it’s always an educational experience that enhances your own DYT journey! If you don’t know your Type yet, you can find out today!

Start your free Beginner’s Guide today!

Or, you can join Lifestyle and ask to be a candidate for our next #TruthBomb session! Just become an annual Lifestyle member and write into [email protected] to be considered! We’d love to have you!

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