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What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About You

Which Disney Princess are you?

You and your favorite princess may have more in common than you think!

I love having fun with Energy Profiling. This is a system that teaches you the 4 different Energy Types. Everything in our world leads with one of these Energy Types, and that even includes Disney Princesses!

Due to the popularity of a fan’s blog post: Which Disney Princess Shares Your Energy Type? I’ve put together a complete, updated list of every Disney Princess. I have put a lot of thought into the Energy Types of each of these animated characters. Since the characters are fictional and not real people, there is some room for personal interpretation.

Since I can’t always rely on Facial Profiling for fictional characters (as they all seem to have wide eyes and little button noses), I look at the overall expression of the other 4 Energy Profiling assessment tools: body language, thought and feeling processes, behavior tendencies, and personality.

Here is my Official List of Disney Princesses and Their Energy Types!

Type 1 Disney Princess – Bright, bubbly, & random

A person with a dominant Type 1 expression is naturally an upward, light, upbeat, buoyant, and animated person. They have a high movement and keep things light and fun. They have a natural gift for ideas and the hope that it is possible. They may also have a tendency to appear random or scattered at times. They tend to have a very youthful appearance due to the animated shapes like circles and points in their facial features.

If you are a Type 1, you are like…

What Disney Princess Rapunzel Says About Your Energy Type and Personality

Rapunzel! (Type 1/2)

Rapunzel is sweet and adorable. She’s effervescent and gives off such a light, airy, fun energy. She’s creative (as evidenced by all the art on her walls, and all the activities she does in her tower, like ventriloquy and candle-making). She is a little too trusting, but she’s filled with awe and wonder and is so excited for new experiences.

Other Type 1 Princesses:

Ariel 1/3
Moana 1/4
Snow White 1/4

Type 2 Disney Princess – Soft, subtle, & gentle

A person with a dominant Type 2 expression is naturally a fluid, flowing, gentle, relaxed, and calming person. This Type of person has a more subdued movement and keeps things flowing and comfortable. They have a natural gift for details and making plans to help us move forward. Being with this Type of person is calming and reassuring. They tend to have a dominance of S curves in their blended facial features.

If you are a Type 2, you are like…

What Disney Princess Cinderella Says About Your Energy Type and Personality

Cinderella! (Type 2/1)

Cinderella is the super-sweet, quintessential princess. Kind and gentle to everyone (even mice), she puts off calm, humble energy. She is hard-working and dependable. Her voice is very soft and sweet. She is a perfect example of loveliness in every way. In the live action movie, Cinderella, her motto was, “Have courage and be kind.” This is a message that all Type 2s can relate to!

Other Type 2 Princesses:

Belle 2/1

Type 3 Disney Princess – Dynamic, determined, & confident

A person with a dominant Type 3 expression is naturally driven to action and big results. This Type of person has a very swift, confident movement that pushes things and people into action to get it done. They can be overly confident at times without enough details in place and jump in too fast. They tend to have more textured skin, chiseled facial features, and a dominance of angles in their facial features.

If you are a Type 3, you are like…

What Disney Princess Merida Says About Your Energy Type and Personality

Merida! (Type 3/4)

Nobody’s going to tell her what to do! If Merida has an idea, she takes action (when she should probably think about it a little more before barging ahead). Stifled by rules and regulations, she bucks convention. (Instead of allowing a suitor to demonstrate their skill by shooting an arrow in order to win her as a wife, she shakes out her hair and declares that she will be shooting for her OWN hand!) She even dresses her truth with her wild curls and a peacock blue and gold dress!

Other Type 3 Disney Princesses:

Anna 3/1
Tiana 3/1
Jasmine 3/2

Type 4 Disney Princess – Bold, constant, & stunning

A person with a dominant Type 4 expression is naturally constant, still, precise, exact, and structured. They have a natural gift to step back, see the bigger picture and outcome, and know-how to perfect it. They can be seen as too critical and negative by others, due to their natural response to see the flaw first. They tend to have very porcelain skin and a dominance of parallel lines in their sculptured facial features.

If you are a Type 4, you are like…

What Disney Princess Elsa Says About Your Energy Type and Personality

Elsa! (Type 4/2)

Elsa is her own authority. She feels like she needs to be “perfect.” So much is expected of her, and she expects so much of herself. She’s the more serious sister, and the perfect queen, regal and poised. She finds her power when she makes a decision to declare her independence from her fear. And she does so in dramatic fashion—she builds her own ice palace!

Other Type 4 Princesses:
Aurora 4/2
Pocahontas 4/2
Mulan 4/3

What do you and your favorite Disney Princess have in common?

My favorite Disney Princess is Merida, who shares my Energy Type (Type 3/4). I relate to her because she is fiercely determined to stay true to her passions and identity.

I asked some of the Dressing Your Truth Experts who their favorites are and why:

Marcy (Type 1): Moana because she always looks at the “big picture” horizon where the sea meets the sky. And then one day, she runs full-speed ahead and goes for it!

Jaleah (Type 1): My favorite has always been Sleeping Beauty! I had hair just like her: long, blonde, and so I always felt a connection to her. I don’t think I have ever watched the movies, so it was purely based on the fact that we looked alike.

Anne (Type 2): My favorite princess movie is the live action, Cinderella. I love the message, “Have courage and be kind.” When I was younger I loved Mulan, and I think Rapunzel is super fun! I’m like my 4-year-old daughter – it’s hard to choose a favorite.

Michelle (Type 2): I’ve always loved Cinderella. She is so kind and loving to everyone around her and keeps a positive attitude, even though she’s mistreated. I love that she gets rewarded at the end with her true love and a happy life.

Anna K (Type 3): Cinderella is my girl! She works a lot and tries not to complain. She gets the guy, the super fancy dress, and then gets to be queen one day. And it’s all because she worked hard!

Sarah (Type 3): I have always loved Sleeping Beauty! I used to have long blonde hair to my waist if you can believe it!! 🙂 I’m such a silly romantic so I love how she finds her prince in the forest “once upon a dream”.

Sheryl (Type 4): I love Pocahontas and Mulan. They both see past themselves, looking at the big picture, and making great changes in the lives of many.

Deborah (Type 4): Pocahontas. She was the first princess of color which was very exciting. My older daughters were little at the time and it was wonderful that they had a princess to relate to appearance-wise and was a wonderful example of beauty, strength, and courage.

Kalista (Type 4): Elsa- she takes ownership of her own authority and is fiercely loyal to her family. But… I literally can recite the entire movie, Cinderella. Not kidding. 🙂

Tell us in the comments who your favorite Princess is, and if she shares your Energy Type!

And, if you don’t know which Energy Type you are, you can discover your Energy Type with my Dressing Your Truth Before & After course!

Dressing Your Truth will help you express your magic as a woman!

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