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Sarah’s Bold Hair #HairMakeover

Part 1: The “Before”

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Sarah is a bold, striking Type 4 woman in my Dressing Your Truth system. She’s been dressing her truth for exactly one year and after thinking about it for months, (so true to her Type 4 nature!) she’s decided it’s time to make a dramatic change to her hairstyle.

In this episode, I meet up with Sarah in the Dressing Your Truth Salon to interview her before her hair appointment. Sarah shares what brought her to this bold decision to change her hair, and also how she learned her true value isn’t in her hair.

#CarolTuttleTV Episode 3 – Part 1: Sarah's 'Before' and Why Ch…

CarolTuttleTV – Part 1: Sarah's bold hair transformation. 'The Before.'  Why changing your hair can be so emotional for women. #CarolTuttleTV

Posted by Carol Tuttle on Thursday, January 14, 2016


Part 2: Sarah’s Bold “After” Will Wow You!

In Part 2, I’m back in the salon for Sarah’s big reveal. Can you pinpoint Sarah’s secondary Energy Type? It’s incorporated into her new hairstyle perfectly.

Remember, it’s not about your hair length, it’s about having a hairstyle that correctly expresses you.

#CarolTuttleTV Episode 3 – Part 2: Sarah's bold hair transform…

CarolTuttleTV – Part 2: Sarah's bold hair transformation—The 'After'

Watch the 'Before' here:

Discover your Type:

Posted by Carol Tuttle on Thursday, January 14, 2016


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