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Susan’s Stunning Before & After—The Silver Lining to Hurricane Harvey

It’s another #DYTLiveMakeover! Meet Susan, a bold and stunning Type 4 woman.

Part 1: Susan’s Before
Let’s celebrate Susan, a survivor of Hurricane Harvey. She lost 75% of her belongings from the disaster and was uprooted from her life. She wants to rebuild her life and move forward with complete confidence in her Energy Type.

We’re going to give her the tools to do that—and a makeover to get her started!

Watch her “before” segment below! And once she goes backstage to start her makeover, Carol and Anne answer live questions from our viewers.


Part 2: Susan’s Stunning Reveal
Susan’s new look is remarkable and takes 15 years off her appearance! She’s a stunning, independent woman, and her poised energy now perfectly portrays that inner confidence.

Carol closes the #LiveMakeover by setting Susan up for success with a brand new wardrobe from the Dressing Your Truth store and Onyx Therapeutic Gemstones to help her get grounded in her new life!

Watch her “after” in the video below and leave a supportive comment for Susan as she begins her new life!


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