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What Types Are the Disney Princes? (& One Villain Prince!)

What do you and these Disney Princes have in common?

Are you the same Energy Type as your favorite fairy tale prince?

I love having fun with Energy Profiling. This is a system that teaches you the 4 different Energy Types. Everything in our world leads with one of these Energy Types.

Due to the popularity of a previous post, What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About You, we’re doing a Part 2 for the Disney Princes! Since the characters are fictional and not real people, there is some room for personal interpretation.

Since I can’t always rely on Facial Profiling for fictional characters (as they all seem to have wide eyes and chiseled features), I look at the overall expression of the other 4 Energy Profiling assessment tools: body language, thought and feeling processes, behavior tendencies, and personality.

Here is my Official List of Disney Princes and Their Energy Types!

Type 1 Disney Prince – Bright, bubbly, & random

A person with a dominant Type 1 expression is naturally an upward, light, upbeat, buoyant, and animated person. They have a high movement and keep things light and fun. They have a natural gift for ideas and the hope that it is possible. They may also have a tendency to appear random or scattered at times. They tend to have a very youthful appearance due to the animated shapes like circles and points in their facial features.

If you are a Type 1, you are like…

Flynn Rider (Tangled)

Flynn Rider - Disney Prince

Flynn is daring, confident, and charming. Sometimes he’s a bit arrogant, but he has a kind, sensitive heart beneath the bravado.

For his facial features, he has a heart-shaped face, his ears poke out a bit, and his facial expressions are animated and exaggerated.

Other Type 1 Princes…

Naveen (Princess and the Frog)
Hans (Villain Prince from Frozen)

Type 2 Disney Prince – Soft, subtle, & gentle

A person with a dominant Type 2 expression is a naturally fluid, flowing, gentle, relaxed, and calming person. This type of person has a more subdued movement and keeps things flowing and comfortable. They have a natural gift for details and making plans to help us move forward. Being with this Type of person is calming and reassuring. They tend to have a dominance of S curves in their blended facial features.

If you are a Type 2, you are like…

Kristoff (Frozen)

“FROZEN” (Pictured) KRISTOFF. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Kristoff is known for his deep connection with his furry friend, Sven. Kristoff has a soft, sweet side and is loyal to those he loves. He helps Anna without getting in the way of her “true love” and does everything he can to save her.

For his facial features, you can see a teardrop nose, heavy-lidded eyes, and blended quality overall to his hair, skin, and features.

Another Type 2 Prince…

Prince Charming (Cinderella)

Type 3 Disney Prince – Dynamic, determined, & confident

A person with a dominant Type 3 expression is naturally driven to action and big results. This Type of person has a very swift, confident movement that pushes things and people into action to get it done. They can be overly confident at times without enough details in place and jump in too fast. They tend to have more textured skin, chiseled facial features, and a dominance of angles in their facial features.

If you are a Type 3, you are like…


Aladdin is one determined guy! He is known for thinking fast on his feet, making a quick decision, and he’s always up for adventures. His confidence and daring personality lead him to take risks that pay off.

For his facial features, he has swift eyebrows, substantial nose, and a chiseled jawline. He walks with purpose and pushes his way forward to get the job done!

Other Type 3 Princes…

Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty)
John Smith (Pocahontas)
Prince Adam (Beauty & The Beast)

Type 4 Disney Prince – Bold, constant, & stunning

A person with a dominant Type 4 expression is naturally constant, still, precise, exact, and structured. They have a natural gift to step back, see the bigger picture and outcome, and know-how to perfect it. They can be seen as too critical and negative by others, due to their natural response to see the flaw first. They tend to have very porcelain skin and a dominance of parallel lines in their sculptured facial features.

If you are a Type 4, you are like…

Prince Eric (Little Mermaid)

Prince Eric was waiting for the “perfect” girl—he was clear on what he wanted. He has a black and white approach to life, considering he went all in to find his dream girl. We can tell he’s an introvert, as he was a little socially awkward when he and Ariel were on the boat during “Kiss the Girl.”

For facial features, you see bold eyebrows, sculpted jawline, straight nose bridge. He holds himself in an upright, regal quality.

Other Type 4 Princes…

Prince Florian (Snow White)
Li-Shang (Mulan)

Tell us in the comments who your favorite Prince is, and if he shares your Energy Type!

If you’re not sure which Energy Type you are, it’s time to find out! “A whole new world” awaits you…

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