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Could This Quiz Tell You Your Type?

8 questions, 1 result. Find out how the quiz can help you!

In most profiling systems, you take a quiz of multiple choice questions and get your result based on your answers.

Energy Profiling is different. We have other tools to help you profile yourself correctly.

But recently, my team and I created this What Type Are You Quiz to help you share Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth with your friends and family. The quiz is easy to take, so it creates curiosity and conversation.

As our community members began taking this quiz themselves, they naturally had these questions:

“Why am I getting a different result when I already know my Energy Type?”

“Did I Type myself wrong if I got a different answer?”

I wanted to shed some light about the quiz and the role it plays in determining your Type.

1. The quiz simply helps spread the word!

We created the quiz to help you share Energy Profiling. It’s a quick, fun, easy way for your family and friends to get a result and learn more from there.

And that’s the key point: The result you get may not be your Energy Type! The quiz is not meant to be a confirmation tool—it’s a springboard to help you discover more about the 4 Energy Types and determine which one you are.

After someone takes the quiz, they are prompted to begin our free Beginner’s Guide. This is where the clarity comes!

2. Face Profiling trumps the quiz results.

In Energy Profiling, everything is based on movement. That means you can confirm your Type based on the movement of your facial features and body language.

Face Profiling is the most accurate way to profile yourself correctly.

I recommend watching these 4 new Face Profiling videos so you can learn all about it:

3. Don’t let the quiz limit you.

Remember: there are only 8 questions in the quiz, and each one focuses on one area or situation of life.

It is absolutely possible for your dominant Type to not lead with those areas.

For example, you could be a bright and animated Type 1 woman who prefers a planned, consistent morning routine. At first glance, that doesn’t sound like a typical Type 1 morning.

But that doesn’t mean you’re not Type 1! It just means you’re a Type 1 who likes to start off her day in that way.

4. Above all, trust yourself.

If you have already determined your Energy Type, embrace it!

There could be a number of reasons why your quiz results showed a different Type. Maybe you have childhood wounding to heal. If that’s the case, I cannot recommend The Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center enough. I have a Healing Plan for Childhood Wounding that will help you uncover and clear any energy from your childhood that has kept you from being your true self.

I love watching the women in my community heal and come home to their true nature.

Who do you know that wants to discover her Type? Share the quiz on Facebook or Pinterest. I can’t wait to hear about who you have helped!

Share the quiz today!

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