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How to Create a Joy-Filled Life: Evening with Carol

You might be canceling out the joy you want!

(And chances are, you sabotage your joy true to your Energy Type.)

In this Evening With Carol recording, I help you see how all 4 Energy Types can allow more joy into their lives. I’m joined on camera by four amazing women who give great insights. You’ll hear…

  • April’s ankle-shattering wake-up call to follow her Type 1 joy
  • Michelle’s Type 2 tips to stay worry-free in the joyful present
  • The classic Type 3 frustration that Anna K steps back from
  • And how 7 inches of custom framing stole Deborah’s Type 4 joy

Not experiencing joy right now? Be kind to yourself.

Your current life situation is perfectly staged to bring you learning opportunities and great joy—including this recording! You’ll hear more from me about finding the joy in your life right now, so start watching:

Watch the After Show to get joyful affirmations for your Type

Join me and my 4 Types guest panel as we share a signature affirmation for each Type of woman. It will make you a joy magnet!


During this event, we mentioned resources to support your joyful life. Go take a look at the one that calls to you!

Get Remembering Wholeness to experience a renewed sense of power and joy in your life. This book changed my life when I wrote it.

Read Carol’s book, Mastering Affluence to release your patterns of lack, pain, and struggle—and step into affluence, ease and joy!

Start Dressing Your Truth if you want true joy every single time you get dressed.

Try a Lifestyle membership to get full access to amazing tutorials, DYT Expert events, free shipping and more membership perks.

Check out Dr. Amen’s book to learn how to change your brain to allow more joy.

May you allow and experience the joy that is coming to you!


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