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Facial Profiling: The Bright, Animated Type 1 Woman

Plus - How learning to trust your flash of inspiration could end self-doubt

“I see this, and I also see this, and this, and this….?” Does this sound familiar? All the possibilities! Right?

Facial profiling, or face profiling, is the primary assessment tool in determining your dominant Type. The key is to look at the movement and expression of the whole face before you breakdown the individual features. Watch as Carol and Anne give you the tips and tools to correctly assess and profile the Bright, Animated Type 1 Woman.

(1:16) Learn the movements, shapes, and expression of the Type 1 women’s facial features. Carol gives you the know-how to use facial profiling in real-world settings.

See the examples:

  • (2:50) Brook (full makeover in the Free DYT Course) Notice her forehead, nose, eye area, and the placement and movement of the fine lines in her features.
  • (4:37) Gina. Notice her face shape, nose, mouth, and ears.
  • (6:01) Kristina (full makeover) Notice her forehead, eyebrows, eyes, and placement of features.

(7:22) Compliment Clues. How the compliments you get could be a clue to knowing your Type.

(8:11) Tips for trusting your Type 1 flash of inspiration and an affirmation to support you in successfully learning this new skill.

“I am having fun successfully using facial profiling, and I am good at it!”

Face profiling (along with the full understanding of Energy Profiling) will help you love and understand yourself and others better and create harmony in all of your relationships.

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Watch more about facial profiling and knowing your Type:

Video Transcript:

Carol: Face profiling is one of the primary assessment tools when determining your dominant energy. Let’s take a look at the bright animated type one woman’s face. You know, Anne, it’s important to remember and I stress this many, many times that we are going to look at individual features, yet the first thing to consider when face profiling is, and this is the very most important step is to take the whole face in. What’s the face expressing when combined?

Anne: Overall quality of movement.

Carol: Then from there, you’ll look at the different features that creates that whole expression of the face. And for a type one woman, share the movement, the quality of movement that we’re seeing in a type one woman’s face.

Anne: The overall quality that you’re looking for in a type one woman is animated, youthful, fresh…

Carol: Bright.

Anne: …bright, and the overall movement as far as shapes go would be circles, star points…

Carol: Hearts.

Anne: …and upward movement.

Carol: So those shapes are going to be seen in features like eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks,

Anne: The placement of features.

Carol: The shape of the face. That combined creates this bright, animated, youthful, fresh look. Now sometimes you have to look past hair color, maybe what color that they’re wearing on their body. And for that reason, we’re actually going to look at some women’s faces that have yet to have their Dressing Your Truth makeover.

Anne: All the women that we’re looking at throughout the series are women that we’ve done makeovers on in studio, and so their types were confirmed, we’ve met them in person. We’re showing you their before pictures and then we’ll show their after picture. And this being that you’re not one walking around in the world and typing everyone while they’re dressing their truth.

Carol: That’s right.

Anne: And maybe you’re new to Dressing Your Truth, and you’re still deciding what type you are. And so it makes it a lot easier to type someone when they’re dressing the right clothes, because you can put it all together.

Carol: Yeah, and really enhances the features.

Anne: And those features really even shine. Yeah, so we’ll looking at the before pictures, profile those and then show you the after and the difference that makes. Let’s take a look at all three women together. And you can see that quality of movement, a brightness, a youthful quality, an animation, you can see the circles and star points.

Carol: It’s an upward light movement that we’re seeing. It’s also important to remember that not every single feature’s going to be specific to that type, but the majority of facial features will be expressing type one. So let’s start with our first face.

Anne: This is Brooke.

Carol: So the first thing I noticed with Brooke, is her high rounded forehead. You can draw a line on that, and you’ll see it’s the top of a circle. And it’s very rounded both in the hairline and the way that the hairline is higher receding, creating a rounded effect on the forehead.

Anne: You can also see on her nose, she has a circle on the tip of her nose and also the sides of her nostrils create circles and the line underneath her nose is like the top of a heart. The way the middle of the nose dips down creates a heart. And around her eyes, you can see circles. Notice how the line under her eye extends to connect with her eyebrow and then come down to the inner point of her eye creating those circles.

Carol: You can also draw a circle around her chin, and you can see that she has a quality of brightness when she smiles. There’s a pop to her face in a manner.

Anne: Her skin has a very youthful quality as well. She does have lines around her eyes but they’re very fine, more on the surface lines and notice the lines around her smile are higher on her face, that the lines don’t dip below her lips. So it keeps that upward movement. Let’s look at her after now, and you can see the transformation. She’s smiling brighter here, so you can see even more animation around her eyes and how the movement around her eyes moves upward. Also, the color in her skin just becomes more radiant.

Carol: Remember, look at the entire face and she’s expressing that type one movement, before you break down the features. Gina is the next face we’re going to look at. And we see a predominance of circles. The shape of Gina’s face is a circle, circle nostrils, you can actually draw a circle all around her mouth, starting at just below her nose, down to her chin, and up back to her nose. You can draw a circle around each of her eyes, each eyebrow is like the top of a circle. The markings on her face resemble polka dots. Just the…just the way the pigmentation is expressing has that.

Anne: You can see she’s doing a half smile but you can still see very clear apple cheeks. Create this circle right there next to her nose and also her ears or more…are a smaller size and so you may find as the type one you have more petite features, and her nose has that cute button nose that turns up a little bit and again, a little bit smaller in size. It has that animated quality.

Carol: Gina also has a really good example of pillowy lips.

Anne: They just has a more full, youthful quality. Looks like now at her after, and you can see that quality really in her lips.

Carol: Yeah, she looks very youthful. All the circles, the fullness of the expression of her cheeks, the apple cheeks, all create a youthful quality. Our next example is Christina. Christina again has that very high forehead with the rounded effect around the hairline, the short rounded eyebrows, you can draw the top of the eyebrow down around under the eye and back up and it’s a circle.

Anne: Her eyes also have, like, a crescent moon shape on its side, which creates those very narrow star points on the outer corner of the eye and inner corner of the eye. And her nose has a star point the way it comes to a more narrow point and the smile lines as well have a little bit more of a softer angle, which creates a star point and the sides of her mouth as well.

Carol: Her facial lines are very fine. And she also has these tiny little moles that create these little dots on her face, which is a very Type 1 marking.

Anne: You can also notice all of her features are placed more in the center of her face, which creates an animated quality and can draw a circle around her features. Let’s now look at her after and you can really see the brightness in her eyes as she’s smiling more, the lines around her eyes move upward. The length of her eyebrows is a little bit shorter. And the smile lines around her mouth, everything moves upward, very youthful quality.

Carol: Type one women are told a lot, you’re so bright, you’re so cute. There’s a freshness about you, you really lighten the mood. Pay attention, these are clues to you being a type one. There’s a reason people are sharing this feedback with you. That’s the energy you offer naturally, effortlessly that they pick up on, that they feel very grateful for.

Anne: Let’s look at all these three women, their afters together. You can see a brightness shining forth, a youthful quality and definitely those circles and star points taking center stage.

Carol: Remember, look at the whole face. Then see how the features are creating that whole expression in a type one face. As a type one woman, be careful and mindful of changing your mind a lot and saying, “Well, now I see this, now I see this, now I see this.” Quite often it’s very, very common for your inspiration to come in a flash, a pop, and then it will fade away if you start to question it. Trust that, trust that hit.

Anne: Type one’s going to be very good with that first hit. So move forward, use these tools to support you in developing that hit. But trust that first hit, move forward.

Carol: There is a learning curve to this, and if you’re new to it, that’s okay. I’m really good at it because I’ve been doing it for a long time. Anne is very good at it because we’ve been doing it for a long time. So keep learning. It’s a lot of fun to learn and fun is important to you.

Anne: Yeah, that’s good. Keep it light. Keep it fun and you’ll be getting better at your face profiling.

Carol: You’re gonna lose interest if you make this all serious. And this is your affirmation. I am having fun successfully using facial profiling. I’m good at it.

Anne: And ultimately to understand yourself and others better and create more harmony in all your relationships.

Carol: Yes. So, I don’t wanna see any posts on Facebook that say, “I’m not very good at this. I consider all the possibilities. I’m a bright woman. I’m really good at this. I’m very successful with facial profiling. In fact, I’m getting better and better.” That’s what you wanna create.

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