Couples in Quarantine – My Top 3 Communication Tips

Quarantined with your spouse? How to navigate this!

Due to the nature of the current quarantine, you’re probably spending a lot more time at home together with your spouse.

This could be bringing up a lot of triggers for you both!

Jon and I have been working closely in our business together for 17 years. But when we started this venture, our communication sucked! We were both very wounded when we entered the marriage. But now we are masters at it. Our effort paid off and we hit our zone!

In this video, Jon and I share our top 3 tips that have improved our own communication skills.

Our Yin/Yang combos are polar opposites in the 12 Energy Type line-up—but we’ve been able to get to a place where we thrive.

(10:44) – Jon shares how Energy Profiling changed his perspective on our marriage roles. Finding out he was a Type 2 took the pressure off of him to stop trying to be someone he wasn’t.

Jon’s Communication Tips:

(15:40) – #1: It’s more important to find unity instead of being right.

(17:34) – #2: It’s okay to call “time out” on yourself.

(19:48) – #3: It’s more important to listen to understand, rather than having to agree.

Carol’s Communication Tips:

(22:30) – #1: Set up a time to communicate.

(25:00) – #2: Stay in your own energy.

(29:18) – #3: Agree on action steps, timeline, and expectations.

Jon and I take questions from the live viewers:

  • How do I prevent the blame game when I am talking about how I feel about things?
  • Tips for a Type 2 and Type 4 combo when communicating? Or the opposite a Type 1 and Type 3?
  • How do you communicate with a Type 4 who is being quiet and not speaking?
  • I tend to change my position because I see the argument from my partner’s perspective nearly immediately. So, I end up not being heard and later I realize I’ve had no resolution! How do I stay in my energy more easily?
  • I work on myself—but he isn’t interested. I think he feels pressure to change and doesn’t feel he needs to change. Do I just keep working on my own communication skills?

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