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Embracing Truth-Based Beauty: Part 1

Say goodbye to shame-based beauty!

I believe women today have been functioning in what I call a “shame-based” beauty experience. This means we inherently believe we are flawed when it comes to our body and appearance, and we’ve been taught to look to the fashion and beauty industry to correct those flaws for us.

Once I figured this out, I saw that the problem doesn’t originate with us! We were believing a “psychological reversal.” A psychological reversal is when we know there is a problem or imbalance that wants to be corrected, but we reverse the origin of where the problem is being created.

Are you believing a lie?

Instead of seeing the problem in our current experience with fashion and beauty, we’ve thought the problem is us. And we’ve been believing a lie, thinking it is a truth!

The truth is that we are all beautiful, with different Types of beauty that we express. The problem is that we haven’t been taught to understand this or given the skills to adorn our Type of beauty. The current fashion and beauty systems don’t offer us this information.

I’m grateful you have trusted me to teach you a simple and elegant model that keeps working with you once your learn it. Dressing Your Truth has supported you in solving this “psychological reversal.” It has invested you in the process of “fixing the problem” as you continue to learn how to dress and live true to your Type of beauty, which supports you in leaving the world of shame-based beauty for the world of truth-based beauty.

In continual support of your journey, I offer you a 3 part series to help you shift from a shame-based beauty experience to a truth-based beauty experience. In each part, I will share one way women keep themselves stuck in shame-based beauty. (Part 2 and Part 3)

#1 — Finding flaws in yourself.

How is your mirror talk? Are you still in the old habit of looking into the mirror and focusing on a self-perceived flaw in yourself?

I love this video that Dove made. It’s been viewed 66 million times! Several people were interviewed about how they see themselves, and another group also shared how they saw the same person. It shows very clearly the habit of how we focus on flaws, rather than seeing them as features of our truth and beauty.

For now, stop the self-imposed negative mirror talk, and look forward to another post from me on how to create healthy mirror talk.

Let’s commit together to relinquish negative talk from our experience and continue to strive to live as our Creator desires for us, in the truth of who we are — amazing and beautiful women, no matter our Type.


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