Embracing Truth-Based Beauty: Part 3

Are you embracing the truth about your body?

In part 1 of this series, I shared how to stop the old habit of finding flaws in yourself.

In part 2 of this series, I shared how to stop comparing yourself to other women.

The third most common way we can keep ourselves stuck in a shame-based beauty experience has become such an accepted habit, it actually feels like you are just telling yourself the truth.

#3 — Judging your body to still not be good enough.

This can be a tough one to get over, I agree. I’m still not 100% free of this old shame-based beauty practice. But do I thank my body on a regular basis. I take a moment to stop what I’m doing and put my hand on my body and thank it. Sometimes I even thank specific parts of my body.

I thank my feet and legs because they work so hard to support me and carry me day-to-day. I thank my heart and brain for all the work they do, independent of my instruction. My hair and face, for so truly expressing who I am as a dynamic Type 3 woman.

Take a moment right now to thank your body.

Why are you grateful for your body? What can you appreciate in how it serves you? The next time you start to focus on a perceived physical flaw, change it to this act of appreciation. Over time, that will be your new truth-based beauty practice.

Let’s commit together to relinquish judgments of our body from our experience and continue to strive to live as our Creator desires for us. Let’s live in the truth of who we are — amazing and beautiful women, no matter our Type.

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