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Type 1 Star Points vs. Type 3 Angles – What’s the Difference?

No more confusion when it comes to these facial features!

Unsure about the difference between Type 1 star points and Type 3 angles?

In the world of Energy Profiling, I teach that a Type 1 person has animated shapes in their facial features: stars, circles, hearts, etc. I then teach that Type 3 faces have depth, texture, and deep angles.

This is where people can get confused: how can you tell the difference between a star point and an angle in someone’s face?

In this video, I show you visuals to help you see the difference so you can use this information correctly and become an expert at facial profiling.

Watch to see…

(2:40) – A super simple guide to distinguish between the two shapes. Easy, isn’t it!

(3:31) – Look at these Type 1 women. You can see the star point in their Type 1 facial features, especially their noses.

(4:15) – Now look at the difference in these Type 3 women. You can see immediately how their Type 3 facial features are nothing like Type 1!

I teach about the four Types of movement in my Energy Profiling system. Every person has a dominant expression of one of them, so go through my free Beginner’s Guide to discover yours.

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