How to Get to the Next Level of Your Life – Easily

Overcome anger, heal from chronic illness, and even involve your partner!

You’re ready to move forward and make some positive changes for yourself and your family, but how?

The only thing that is keeping us from the next level is ourselves!

On this episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, I’m joined by two guests: Judy, mother of nine children and a longtime student of Carol’s work and her husband, Gregg.  Judy shares how she was able to overcome her two-decade struggle with Lyme disease and her generational pattern of anger with Gregg’s support.

  • Judy’s big breakthrough came when she realized most of the anger she was carrying was not even hers!
  • A  couple of limiting beliefs that kept Judy sick were: “I have to do everything myself,” and “no one will help me.”
  • Gregg recognized Judy’s effort to heal herself emotionally and physically. He trusted Judy to know what resources were correct of her and supported Judy in those efforts.
  • Gregg’s advice to anyone interested in helping their family members learn their Energy Type or begin their own journey to personal healing is not to be afraid to bring it up.

What does your next level look like?

I teach that when we heal our mental and emotional self, we free our body up to heal, also. Judy and Gregg experienced that firsthand, you can too! Share in a comment how my work is helping you move forward to the next level of your life!

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