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How ADD & ADHD Affect a Person’s Energy Type

Is it ADD—or just your kid's nature?

Do you or your child experience either of these attention deficit disorders?

I’m not really fond of the term “disorder” because I believe it’s shaming. But let’s work with the diagnostic label we’ve been given and look at this from a more honoring perspective that can support a lot of children—and even adults too.

Do I think ADD and ADHD are a real thing? Yes! I know it’s possible for the brain to have issues that need to be corrected. These issues create symptoms that are on the spectrum of ADD and ADHD.

But in some cases, what if it’s not really ADD or ADHD? What if it’s just a misunderstanding of a child’s Energy Type?

Here’s what we cover in this video:

(1:30) – Is it correct to put these labels on children just because they aren’t able to sit still in a traditional school setting?

(2:30) – I tell a story about my Type 4 child who could have easily been labeled as ADD due to feeling too intense, too agitated, too worked up after school each day. But thankfully because of my energy healing knowledge, I understood better what was going on!

(3:30) – Do you ever do the Spinal Flush with your children? It helps them get grounded as you clear other people’s energy from their space and then “zip up” to protect their own energy.

(4:30) – There is one Type of child who will be commonly mislabeled with ADD or ADHD. Which Type do you think it is? Listen to why this Type of child needs movement, happiness, lightness, and social interactions. This is why the structured, still, silent environments can be unsupportive to this Type of child!

(7:55) – Even adults find healing and see the benefits of dropping shaming labels and accepting themselves just as they are!

Want to learn more about your own Energy Type?

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