How Do Type 4’s Express Themselves?

The perfecting group - what are some ways Type 4's show their nature?

What are some qualities that Type 4’s just naturally express?

When we’re not thinking about who we “should” be, that’s when we effortlessly and naturally express our Energy Type. We don’t overthink. We don’t edit. We just live true to ourselves!

Do all Type 4’s share similar expressive qualities across the board? Yes, they do!

Think about it. You have a bold, high contrast, black-and-white nature. Your energy is succinct, concise, and straightforward. Because of that, a Type 4 person is going to express themselves in a precise, thorough way.

In this video, I talk about the similar ways Type 4’s express themselves:

(2:19) – Popular words and phrases, including 3 favorite words Type 4’s will use when they agree with something.

(3:43) – What about when they don’t agree with something? This is a phrase you’ll hear from a Type 4 more than any other Type.

(6:11) – Doodling—or not?

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