Can Your Type Have Freckles?

Find out what freckles look like in each of the Types!

Are you someone who feels self-conscious about your freckles?

Because they’re a rare, natural accessory on your skin, sometimes women feel different from everyone else and try to hide their freckles behind makeup. But your freckles are beautiful—just like you.

Does every Type have freckles?


Freckles are not specific to one Type of person. They’re just one of the many characteristics in our physical expressions.

It’s amazing how even freckles show up differently, depending on your Type. Are they sprinkled, soft, substantial, or precise?

Let’s talk about the 4 Types of freckles so you can see which one you have!

(2:15) – Disclaimer! Here’s why you shouldn’t use your freckles to determine your Type.

I share the top 3 keywords for each Type of freckles:

(2:50) – Type 1: Fresh, light, and sprinkled

(4:43) – Type 2: Subtle, blended, and soft

(6:22) – Type 3: Substantial, angular, and irregular

(7:31) – Type 4: Defined, precise, symmetrical

In the world of Energy Profiling, I teach that there are 4 Types of people. Each Type expresses a unique movement that shows up everywhere, especially in your facial features and body language! If you’re not familiar with Face Profiling, I highly recommend watching these videos:

Your true nature is deep down within you and expressed through so many character traits and behaviors.

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