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How Each Energy Type Does “Perfecting”

In my Energy Profiling course, I teach that all 4 Types of people have a natural gift we share with the world. First we looked at how each Type does ideas, then how each Type does details, then how each Type does to-do lists.

This is our last video in this series and we’re looking at how each Type perfects their world.

We all make improvements to things around us. But Type 4 people have a specific way they go about this, and it’s a natural expression of the more linear, focused way they move through life.

Join me and the Dressing Your Truth 4 Types Panel as we discover what motivates us to perfect things. Find out which of us hires out projects in order to get a perfect result without the time investment.

And you’ll see which of us perfects our time and who mentions they enjoy perfecting relationships.

We are all perfecting our understanding of Energy Profiling! That’s why I’ve created so much readily-available content. I want you to understand how to live your truth! If you want even more support and tools to understand Energy Profiling, consider joining Lifestyle.

There are many benefits to becoming a Lifestyle member. If you love Energy Profiling and want to learn more about secondary Energy Types, we talk about that a lot in the Lifestyle content.

What do you like to perfect? Share it in the comments along with your Energy Type!


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