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How to Choose Your Own Color of the Year

It's easy! Just answer a few key questions!

It’s fun to see what Pantone chooses as the Color of the Year. But what if it doesn’t work for your Type?

For 2019, Pantone chose a Type 1 color. They call it Living Coral. Our Bright and Animated women will have a lot of fun with it!

But what about the rest of us?

True to my nature, as I thought about this, I concluded that I don’t need Pantone choosing my Color of the Year! I’m going to choose my own!

Dressing Your Truth teaches you how to be your own beauty expert by following your beauty sixth sense.

The Style Kit teaches you what colors look best on you, true to your Type. Quickly, you can become your own color expert and learn which of your colors you feel and look best in.

Here’s the process I used to choose my Color of the Year!

Claim your color power back! What will be your Color of the Year?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What color have I recently worn that surprised me that I liked it?
  • What color do I get a lot of compliments in?
  • What color would I like to have more of in my wardrobe?
  • What color have I been resisting that I’m ready to try?

What were your answers?

By answering these questions myself I realized that for years, whenever I would wear purple, I’d get a ton of compliments! And, guess what color I have the least of in my wardrobe? Yup! Purple.

Carol Tuttle’s 2019 Color of the Year is Purple!

In this color tutorial video, there are several shades of Type 3 purple that I’m looking forward to manifesting into my life in 2019!

Also, did you know that colors have healing effects on us? Purple is recognized in healing circles as a color of royalty and inspiration. I’m ready to receive that!

What color are you intuitively drawn to? It could be that this color will offer an energetic effect of some kind.

Now use the following affirmation to help you create more of this color in your life:

I am grateful for all the (name of the color) that is showing up for me in items I love at prices I get excited about.

What Color of the Year did the DYT Experts choose?

  • Type 1 Expert Jaleah is going to have a blast in red! She says:

“My husband Mark just told me the other day that he really likes me in red. I was wearing a red sweater with red lipstick, and I was feeling great in it, too!

My color for 2019 is red! I want to explore red more. Where else can I insert it into my wardrobe? Shoes, jewelry,  hair accessories, socks, bottoms, dresses. How many tints of red can I find to wear? 2019, I am coming for ya!”

  • Type 2 Expert Anne will bask in beautiful blue. She shares:

“My color for 2019 is blue. For many years my favorite color was purple, but as I’ve taken a closer look at my closet in the past months I noticed I have way more blue than any other color – including purple. I have been intuitively drawn blue over the last several months, so I have decided to fully embrace blue and have claimed it as my new favorite color.

For me, blue represents a calming energy. Blue is also the color of the Type 2 element water. I look forward to playing with blue more freely this coming year. What others colors can I pair with blue? What Type 2 tones of blue have I not yet tried, and how can I incorporate blue into my makeup more?”

  • Type 4 Expert Kalista will start fresh with green. She says:

“My color for 2019 is green! I’ve realized that I don’t have a lot of green in my collection, but the items/makeup that I do have I love wearing and I get compliments when I do. To me, green represents new life and freshness. I have several goals for 2019 that are new to me, things that I have never done before. Green will support me in growing these new interests. A fresh new start.”

Share in a comment your Color of the Year and I’ll share with some of you what that color represents!

And make sure to share in the Lifestyle Facebook group the fantastic items that come your way, because we want to see how great you look in your Color of the Year! #mycoloroftheyear

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