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How to Free Yourself from Weight and Body Issues Forever #EnergyProfilingWithCarol

What took me 40 years to figure out I can teach you in 4 weeks!

I have a big announcement to share that you’ll to want to hear before you make your New Year’s resolutions!

Raise your hands! How many of you are thinking of getting back on track with your weight-loss goals once the new year rolls around? We tend to do a little more indulging during the holiday season and have to redirect ourselves come January.

In this week’s episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, I’m introducing my 4-week guided healing plan that will free you from weight and body issues – forever! Plus, two guests that have been through this plan and how it’s going for them.

My first guest Noelle is a beautiful Type 2 woman. She just completed my 4-week healing plan for weight-loss and had some major breakthroughs lately.

Her first breakthrough came as she was working through my program and did one of the clearings for weight-loss, she discovered an emotional deficit that was driving her to use food for what she was missing.

Check out the 17:25 mark of the episode to find out what I said to her in the Carol Tuttle Healing Center Facebook Group that made a big impact.

My second guest Kristen is a dynamic Type 3 woman.

Looking at her today, you wouldn’t think that she has any weight and body issues. But, Kristen shares that being identified in her family as the “chubby one” and generational patterns kept her from loving her body, which resulted in an eating disorder.

Kristen shares how a simple practice I teach in my weight-loss plan changed everything for her!

Watch the full episode to learn more about my Healing Plan for Weight Loss!

Share in the comments what you believe is holding you back from your weight-loss goals. Did you have any a-has during this episode? I’d love to hear about!

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