How to Get Your Makeup to Stay on All Day

Create a fresh, smooth, and beautiful finish that lasts!

You’re missing an important step in your makeup routine if you’re not using makeup primers.

Ever feel like it’s not worth putting on makeup every morning because it eventually wears off half-way during the day? You don’t want your effort to be that short-lived! This 1 trick will help your makeup stay on all day so you can stretch your makeup even more!

Makeup dissipates as the day goes on. Using primer can smooth the look of your skin, help keep it moist, and keep your makeup in place all day!

The 1:19 mark of this video has the application secret that makes all the difference!

Products Anna K uses:

*DYT now offers targeted lip and eye primers that better fit the needs of these areas.

Video Transcript:

Does your makeup need a little boost? Does it slip, or crack, or kinda melt away? Guess what? You can fix it. I’ve got some magic.

Are you ready for the magic? Retexturing Crème. It’s primer and it will save your makeup all day long. It is amazing. Has an FPS of 20 in it. It has ginkgo in it which is cell rejuvenating. It’s amazing. It keeps your skin looking very young. Kinda feels in some of the lovelies, let’s call them that. And it is very moisturizing so it helps to…that moisturizer to stay in. It places a barrier between your face and your makeup so that it helps it to stay longer, fresher, more beautiful throughout the entire day. So you don’t have to constantly reapply, or look and see if something’s melting away. This helps it to stay put. It has changed my life, and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna change yours. Let me show you how to use it.
First of all, always use the back of your hand. I know it’s super tempting to put it on your fingers, lather around and quickly put it on but there are so many oils on the tips of your fingers, on your palms that really does kinda mess it up. So you’re going to want to use the back of your hand because it doesn’t have all those oils on it. You can see just that’s one pump. So make sure that, you know, you don’t pump and pump because you don’t need that much. And always use your makeup blender. So I just absorb the whole thing into it and make sure your makeup blender is wet. You’ve rung it out. You just come in and put it everywhere. It’s invisible, but it still has kinda a wet feel to it. So you’ll know where you put it. You can totally feel it.

And I just, as quick as I can. Bam, done, that’s it. That’s all you need. And you can put this on your lips or eyes, but I prefer to use our primer, our eye and lip primer, and I’m just going to use our concealer brush. And I’m coming in and I’m just very lightly putting this onto the lid. And what this does, is it helps the shadow to stay right in place. Get a little bit more on there. And just a little bit works. You don’t need a ton of this. You don’t wanna change your whole lid to this color. But really use the brush because every time you do use your fingers, you get oil on your faces and it does cause it to slip and slide a little bit. So, that’s why brushes are so great. And then you put this on like you do lipstick. You don’t wanna get too much of it on your lips because then it kind of gets cakey and gross. So make sure that it’s just a very, very thin layer like you did on your lids.

And now I am all primed up and ready to go for my makeup. Honestly, I can’t tell you enough how much this stuff is like magic in a bottle. It really will help your makeup from moving around slipping and sliding. It is amazing. If you don’t have it, you have to go get it. I have been doing makeup for a very long time. And when I very first started out in the industry, I didn’t use primer. And I really wish someone had told me to because it really has changed my approach and how I put makeup on people’s faces. And because it stays so well under lights, under big long conditions where I can’t get to my actor, this really, really has helped that makeup to stay in place and where it should so I have less touch-ups. Imagine what it can do for you. I actually put this to the test the other day just to prove my point, I put primer half of my face and then primer not on the other half just to see how well it would wear and I can’t believe the difference that it is made. It’s a huge difference. I feel like that it stayed very fresh and very alive and, like, I had just done my makeup all day long. And this is without any touch-ups. This is that without me going back and fixing anything. It’s just what it was the whole day. So it took one picture in the morning and then one picture in the evening and this is what it is. And I think it’s just a testimony of how great this truly, truly is. I love primer and I will put it on anybody. Make sure you use these primers to give your makeup the boost that it needs so that it can last all day long.

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