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How You Deal With Disease & Illness Based On Your Type

Sickness shows up differently for everyone—what does it look like for you?

Most of us have, are, or will deal with disease or illness in our lives, whether it be the temporary cold or a more long-term experience with chronic health conditions that can even be life-threatening.

It’s in this experience that we can see our Types tendencies play out, both favorably and unfavorably. When it plays out in an unfavorable way, it can often add to our disease and illness and keep us from getting well.

I’ve also learned through my 3-decade career as an energy healer and life coach that we all have deeper beliefs and repressed emotions that keep us sick. These deeper beliefs and repressed emotions are developed in our childhood that causes an energetic interference that keeps us from getting well.

Let’s take a look at each Energy Type’s unfavorable and favorable tendencies that will either add to our state of physical imbalance or help us get well.

Type 1 – Upward, Light Energy

Unfavorable: You can easily connect and disconnect from yourself, others, life situations, and even your body. When presented with an illness or disease, it’s common for you to disconnect from your body and not deal with the issue at hand.

Due to your positive approach to life, you tell yourself and others, “It’s not that bad”. You create an illusion that things are better than they are—until your condition gets so bad, you have to connect and face it.

Favorable: This same tendency to connect and disconnect is favorable when it’s managed consciously. Meaning, it’s best to deal with what is and connect with the truth presenting that there is an issue of health that is asking to be dealt with. When you need a break from the heaviness of the experience, you can disconnect for a period to get a break.

The glass half full view of your illness or disease will keep you motivated to find answers and believe you can get well.

TIP: Be honest with yourself and let yourself feel your down days when your health condition is wearing you out, and get support. You don’t have to be the bright light all of the time. Seek out others who can lift you up and inspire you at times. Use your connect/disconnect energy to your advantage in a conscious way and keep believing things will get better as you deal with the day to day reality of what is showing up.

Type 2 – Fluid, Flowing Energy

Unfavorable: You may have a tendency to make things worse than they are before they get worse. Due to your ability to see all the little details and to then worry about worst-case scenarios, you can let your mind go places your body may never go.

You also have a tendency to gather information to answer your questions, so that takes you on an online quest to research all that you can, which will overwhelm your system and bog you down and diminish your hope in getting better. You also have a tendency to not want to put others out, so you are not very good at asking for help and getting the support you need.

Favorable: Your tendency to gather details to answer your questions is a great asset to be informed with what you are dealing with. This allows you to be proactive with medical professionals, and to have a say about what course you feel is correct to take in your path of healing. Your sensitive nature can be a gift to listening to your body and being sensitive to its needs.

TIP: Learn to listen to your body so you can take care of it. Allow it the rest and care it requires for full healing to occur. Your calm energy can be a value to you. As you move through challenging periods, invite your calm energy to support you first. Ask for the help you need so you can get the rest and repair you need.

Type 3 Push Forward Energy

Unfavorable: You may have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends and burn your body out. You might not stop long enough to notice that it’s happening. It’s common for you to tell yourself, “I’m fine, I’ll just push through this, it will go away.”

Unfortunately, that has put many a Type 3 in bed or dealing with a chronic condition because they ignored the body’s signals to rest and repair. Your tendency to be over-confident can be detrimental as you will attempt to do things before you are well enough. Your “if this is good, more is better” tendency can cause you to overdue healing protocols that then cause another form of imbalance you have to deal with.

Favorable: Your determined nature will keep you moving forward to see the results you want. You will not give up on that belief that you can heal, and you’ll continue to find answers for that healing.

TIP: Learn to create more balance in your life. It will help you succeed at taking care of yourself since your determination will keep you committed to doing things differently. Be willing to try new things and turn your health crisis into an adventure that will help others in time, as you will find results that work for you.

Type 4 – Straightforward, Concise Energy

Unfavorable: Your tendency to be your own authority will set you up to question feedback from others. You will make it your task to figure out what is wrong and go through an analytical process to find answers. This can be detrimental as you won’t be as open to new approaches in healing unless they have proven track results.

Your all-or-nothing nature will set you up to either be consumed by your health condition or to be in complete denial of it, trying to ignore it until you cannot anymore. In your need to be perfect, you may resist opportunities that show up in your life to progress in your healing as you don’t feel it’s perfect enough.

Favorable: A Type 4’s ability to research and see the bigger picture can be an asset when it comes to dealing with a health crisis as it allows them to create a strategy that they can follow through on to help than heal.

As you don’t like to repeat things, once you learn your lessons from a health crisis, you are likely to implement new lifestyle strategies of wellness to prevent further physical upsets and be strongly committed to lifestyle choices that keep you healthy.

TIP: You can either be a closed-minded Type 4 or an open-minded Type 4. By choosing to have an open mind, you will attract new protocols that will help you get well. Ground yourself in your body when making decisions. Drop out of your head and allow yourself to go “all in” with a healing protocol that feels correct for you.

Let’s clear disease and illness from your body.

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