The 4 Types of Body Language & What They Say About You

The way you move your body gives you clues about who you are

Ever noticed your own body language? Without even speaking, you communicate nonverbally every single day through your body language.

The way you move, walk, sit, and stand can give you a greater understanding about who you are. All people express their body language in one of four ways: a light and bouncy movement, a soft and fluid movement, a dynamic and determined movement, or a precise and bold movement.

Each of those movements have different meanings and coincide with one of the 4 Energy Types. Energy Profiling is a personal profiling system based on movement, and everything in our natural world leads with a dominant Energy Type. The two most powerful assessment tools when discovering your Energy Type are your facial features and your body language.

Let’s have a look at the 4 Types of body language so you can understand its meaning. You may see yourself in a mix of them—but which one stands out predominantly to you?

    • Type 1 Energy: Upward, light, animated

You walk with a buoyant, bouncy spring in your step. You sit and stand with a lot of movement, shifting your position often. You can appear to be restless and fidgety to others, as you do not like to sit or stand still, focusing on one thing for very long. You often sit with your legs criss-crossed, or very comfortably on the floor.

Type 1 Jaleah shares, “My brother was always embarrassed to walk the halls of our school with me. He said I was so hyper and would always flit around like a butterfly, often bumping into things and people.”
    • Type 2 Energy: Fluid, flowing, soft

You have a smooth, graceful walk. You take longer steps and keep your feet close to the ground. There is no bounce in your step, rather a very fluid, flowing movement. You sit and stand in the shape of an S curve or with a relaxed bend, holding your head to the side.

Type 2 Anne shares, “I’m often at the back of the group, walking 2-3 steps behind my Type 3 husband and daughter. Just the other day my Type 3 daughter was saying, ‘Come on, Mom, hurry up!’ I told her we didn’t need to rush and she said, ‘I’m a Type 3. I like rushing!’
    • Type 3 Energy: Active, reactive, substantial

You walk with a determination in your step, with a firm plant of your feet, quick and brisk. Everyone can hear you coming. People can even hear you sit, due to your deliberate movement. You create angles when you sit and stand. Legs crossed, one leg pulled up under you, head cocked to the side, hands on waist, or your body bent at the waist.

Type 3 Maggie shares, “The other day I walked from one side of our house to the other where the rest of my family was. As I entered the room, I noticed they were all looking at me. ‘What’s wrong?’ I asked. ‘Nothing,’ my husband said. ‘We thought you were mad, stomping around like that.’ I hadn’t even noticed!”
    • Type 4 Energy: Bold, constant, still

You walk in a very upright, still, stately manner, with little movement in your limbs and body. You sit very upright as well, with straight posture, both feet on the ground, hands folded or hanging at your sides. Your sitting and standing could be called proper with a formal look.

Most runway models express dominant Type 4 Energy—naturally erect, poised, and structured in their movement, with straight shoulders and perfect posture.

Kathy shares, “My Type 4 husband walks at a consistent rate, wherever he goes. He typically does not slow down. And if he’s late, he will not hurry up. In fact, if I rush him, he will stop walking completely until I stop hurrying. He prioritizes being the authority of his own movement.”

Want to have a greater understanding of your body language and its meaning?

I invite you to take my free Energy Profiling course to discover more about your Energy Type and how you move throughout the world.

To learn even more about your body language and the four Energy Types, read my book, It’s Just My Nature. It’s included in the Style Kit that you can purchase after going through the course! Join thousands of people in countries all over the world who have transformed their lives by discovering their Energy Types.

I look forward to hearing your story!


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