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Is Dressing Your Truth Not Working For You?

How to get the most out of your DYT experience

Are you feeling confused or disappointed because DYT isn’t working for you?

You heard about Dressing Your Truth from a friend or family member who was so excited to share it with you. You see how she determined her Type and now is thriving in her own individuality. It’s like she’s come alive and come home all at the same time.

But why hasn’t that been your experience?

You see other women’s Before & Afters, read about their testimonials, and still feel like you’re missing something. You know you’ve determined your Type correctly. So why does it seem to work for everyone else, but not for you?

You’re tempted to wave it off altogether saying, “It just doesn’t work for me…”

But wait—before you give up, you might want to check to see if you are missing some key factors that could be affecting your DYT experience!

5 ways you may be missing out on a great DYT experience

1. You’re not really committed.

What I mean by this is, some days you put on an outfit of your Type, but some days you don’t. Occasionally you’ll do your hair, makeup, and accessories, but for the most part, you’re still throwing everything up in a messy bun while wearing yoga pants.

This is a huge reason why you can’t really get a strong sense of what feels and looks good on you. It turns into “sort of dressing my truth” instead of actually doing it!

TIP: Go all in for the next 30 days. That includes outfit, hair, makeup, and accessories. And remember, you don’t need a lot to get you started!

Here’s what Jessica, a rich and dynamic Type 3 woman, shared about going all-in:

Jessica Type 3 Before and After

“I had been dressing Type 2 for 3 1/2 years. I think deep down I knew Carol was right the moment she cluebombed me – like a tiny spark lit up inside me – but it felt so confusing at first that I continued to waffle between Type 2 & Type 3 for months.

“My “after” photo was the moment it all came together for me. On a whim, I finally busted out Type 3 makeup and put it on! And WOW! I was shocked at how great the colors felt on my face! I snapped this selfie and was again shocked at how great I looked! As a Type 2, I never posted any OOTD’s even though I always felt like I looked beautiful.

“It’s been about a month now since I finally accepted my true nature and it feels amazing. My confidence has never been so high! My heart is just so full of gratitude to Carol, her work, and this amazing community!”

2. You’re mixing up your clothes with items that aren’t your Type.

This is easy for a lot of women to do—but it can cause confusion and prevents you from developing your own sense of style!

You probably came into DYT with more than enough black clothes, so you keep wearing them. But unless you’re a Type 4 woman, black isn’t going to work for you! It will bring your energy down and affect how you feel.

Black isn’t the only color to watch out for. If you only have a few items true to your Type, you’ll mix them with other things and throw off your whole look. You might have a shirt in a color that’s correct for your Type, but then your cardigan is another Type’s color. This will clash and cause you confusion! The whole outfit will look off.

TIP: It’s better to have fewer items, all of which are true-to-Type, than to hold onto items that simply won’t work for you anymore. Here’s how you can create a DYT wardrobe without spending a lot of money.

3. You don’t have all 5 Components of Style.

The 5 Components of Style could make or break your entire look!

Ask yourself these 5 questions for every outfit, one for each component:

1. Clothing – “Is my clothing in alignment with my Key Words?”
2. Accessories – “Do my accessories add pop/details/substance/a bold statement?”
3. Makeup – “Does my makeup express my beauty code word in color and application?”
4. Hair – “Does my hairstyle reflect my Key Words in its color, cut, and style?”
5. Self-Care & Personal Development – “Am I taking caring of my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health true to my nature?”

TIP: Use these 5 Components of Style questions every day to enhance your experience and truly love the way you look!

4. You don’t have the right tools to do it right.

One of the most important tools I recommend for any woman just beginning to dress her truth is the Starter Kit.

But sometimes women don’t want to invest in these tools. They just “eyeball” it. But you need the Starter Kit! Without it, it’s very challenging to know whether or not the items you’re choosing are true to your Type.

TIP: Get your hands on the Style Guides and carry the wallet-sizes with you everywhere. You’ll be amazed at how helpful they are as you build your new wardrobe.

5. Deeper beliefs are holding you back.

What deeper beliefs about yourself are you still aligned with that are stifling you?

  • It’s never good enough
  • No matter what I do, I still don’t like my body
  • I am getting old and that is all I see. Dressing Your Truth can’t change that
  • It won’t work for me until I lose weight
  • It costs too much money to get the wardrobe I want so I have to get by
  • It works for other women but not for me

Let those beliefs go. You do that by changing them to these instead:

  • I am good enough
  • I am accepting my body the way it is right now, I am learning to love it
  • I am seeing my beauty, I notice it and compliment myself
  • It is working for me
  • I am finding affordable options to build a wardrobe I love

It’s powerful when we tune into what’s correct for us and begin to develop a deeper sense of trust in ourselves. When we clear old beliefs that keep us stuck, we’re able to see our true selves.

Here’s what Jennifer, a soft and subtle Type 2 woman, said about this:

Jennifer Type 2 Before & After

“For the past few years, I have bounced back and forth with being a 1/4 or 4/1. However, this past year I went back into the classroom to teach. I teach kindergarten! I was being a 1/4 and was noticing I was so exhausted and drained. I just didn’t feel me.

“I began to think maybe I was a Type 2 who didn’t want to be a Type 2. After going through some of the clearings Carol offers in the Healing Center, I felt more comforted that being a Type 2 is who I might be.

“I still worried that the grays and dusty colors would wash me out. When we came back to school after the winter break I was mentally preparing myself for the crazy and wanted to wear something that I felt comfortable and comforted in. Guess what I picked? Yep, the one outfit I had that was Type 2 and my first day back was amazing. My sweet kids were soooo good and I felt good.”

Give Dressing Your Truth a full commitment.

I have seen thousands of women’s lives change in profound ways as they truly committed to dressing their truth.

It turns out it wasn’t the clothes that made the difference, it was the daily reminder of dressing their truth that helped these women truly show up being the truth of who they are every day.

And we show up dressing our truth we are more likely to live our truth, and the world shows up to support us in profound ways.

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